It's a start

Ok, time for something lighter after that last post. Let's talk about my den.
This is the second bedroom in our condo. It's been Boyfriend's office and a storage room for boxes. It's also been chocolate brown, and a bad shade of pale blue. Finally, it's going to be our den.

The color is the same as our kitchen/dining/living room space, Sherwin Williams' Restrained Gold. The room is about 11 foot square, and the pale khaki makes the room feel much lighter.

I wanted a piece with storage, and had been scouring estate sales and craigslist for months looking for a sideboard. I'd come up with nothing when I found the dresser above on craigslist. It's about a year old, and is Mitchell Gold for Crate & Barrel. I hadn't originally planned on something with a mid-century feel, but I did have a great mid-century side table I'd refinished, and the dresser was a great deal. And it had nice lines so I bought it. The two adorable boys who were selling it even carried it out to my truck.

So I've got a start on the room! The white lamp was a super cheap auction find that I've mentioned before. I've also got a large mirror at the workshop and I'll be hanging it this week after I paint the frame. (That tray of stuff needs serious tweaking, I know!) Boyfriend's desk will live on the wall to the right of the chest (with another white lamp with black shade), and to the left I've got a chair awaiting reupholstery, and the mid-century side table.

So we're moving toward a nice quiet place to read (or blog). Some art, a rug, and we'll be good to go. More photos to come as I make progress!


Karena said...

I love that lamp, and your collection on the tortise shell tray.

hello gorgeous said...

Nice start...