Odds & Ends

Some random stuff before I head to bed:

I rarely watch anything on Animal Planet. Just one episode of Emergency Vet long ago had me bawling, and any episode where they have to go get the mistreated dogs makes me simultaneously sick and enraged, so I pass. But Dogs 101, LOVE IT. All the info you need on 5 breeds in each hour-long episode. Also don't forget, if you're not into football or commercials AP runs the Puppy Bowl during the Super Bowl.

My friend Linda showed me how to rewire a lamp Saturday. I hit the hardware store and got everything I needed and sat down tonight to fix the Haeger lamp. It doesn't work. It seems so easy, I have no clue what I've done wrong. The man at Strasser's who cut my six feet of lamp cord worked in plumbing, so I'm suspicious that he's given me some other thing that just looks like lamp cord. I could have got the kit, but they only sell them with black, brown or white cord, and I find clear the least obtrusive.

I'm sitting near a naked Christmas tree, lit on the bottom half only. This is why I balk at decorating for the holidays, un-decorating sucks.


Raina Cox said...

If you would type up the re-wiring instructions in a post, I would be forever grateful.

Convert to Judaism and you need never decorate another Christmas tree. ;)

hello gorgeous said...

I just took my Christmas decs down over the weekend, so don't feel bad.

Also, if you figure out the lamp thing, you should do a How-To Post on rewiring a lamp or making something into a lamp. I would love that. I have some trophys that I would like to make into...just kidding.