Start to finish

This one goes out to Hello Gorgeous who was the first to say "you know how we like before-and-afters." I thought I'd never get there, but the secretary is done. There it is above in its original sadsack condition.
Midway through the project I'd painted the interior tan (General Finishes milk paint in Linen) and glazed it with GF's Van Dyke Brown glaze. The exterior is a pale blue Benjamin Moore from the mistint shelf at Ace Hardware.
Here's a close-up showing the blue after the brown glaze. It brought out the green tint a bit more, but it's still basically the same color, just dirtier.
Since I had the back panel off anyway, I covered it with some state maps I found at Paper Source. I also decoupaged one in the bottom of that little drawer. Cleaning up I found the northeast corner of Kansas. Fitting, so I pasted it on the inside of the lower cabinet door. I didn't pay attention so when I went to fit the panel back on, I had the maps upside down. Mostly they read as pattern, so it doesn't bug me. I really doubt anyone will notice.
And there it is painted, glazed, decoupaged, sealed and in place at the antique mall. Done!


Raina Cox said...

Wow. Just wow. I love the maps touch.

hello gorgeous said...

Yay! Befores and afters and details! Thank you, David.

I love the maps idea, too. And the silver pieces: you should think about opening an etsy shop a la Eddie Ross.

He does not have the corner on gay guy good taste.

Karena said...

Bravo David, I love the transformation and the maps iside make it very special. Remember to sign up on my site for the painting Giveaway! You can keep it if you win or always gift it or put it in your shop!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are going to make some money on that one. Great job, David, and very inspiring!

Toad and Friends said...

Looks lovely David. Great job.