Lemon martinis, orange lacquer

Late last summer my downstairs neighbors bought the last unsold unit in our building up here on our floor, and set to work remodeling. The unit was nearly but not completely finished when they set about making it their own.

Last night their remodeler held a cocktail party to show off the finished product, which they're moving into next week. Lemon martinis and passed hors d'oeuvres had the place full, but today and tomorrow it's on the remodeled homes tour. They had a good crowd, but it cleared out around lunch time so I walked down the hall and took some shots.

They didn't change the layout of the entry hall, just the surfaces. They kept the marble flooring we all have in our entries, but hung a metallic geometric wallpaper, mirrored the columns (we have one of these in our bedroom, unmirrored), and added a pair of deco consoles and big mirrors with rustic chinoiserie frames.

Off the entry hall is a half bath. The walls are bronzed with the chinese scenery painted. The vanity is custom. What I'm really in love with is the chinese lantern hanging from the ceiling. The wall plates on the sconces have an asian lattice pattern as well although it's hard to see.
From the entry hall you walk into the dining room. To your left is this hand-painted mural over a beautiful console. Opposite (and I didn't get a pic) the wall is mirrored inside the panel moulding with the same smoked mirror used on the entry column. A round polished stone table is surrounded by simple, low slipper-like chairs covered in an ivory velvet with silver nailhead trim, and a glass and mirror chandelier.

Off the dining room in the original plan was a media room which they've turned into an office. The orange lacquer cabintry is incredible. In addition to tons of storage, it also holds a murphy bed which I'm sure their grandbabies will love. Walls are covered in a small-scale grass cloth, and inside that closet are the audio and video components for the entire apartment, which can be controlled from small, discreet wall panels strategically placed in rooms throughout.

Heading back through the dining room you hit the living room, and this gorgeous wall of built-ins. All cabinetry in the unit was built by an amish man in Jamesport. I made sure to compliment his work as it's all just incredible. Normally when I hear "amish-made" I think "colonial." Obviously I know nothing, this stuff is as up-to-date as can be. Opposite this wall, more cabinetry flanks the fireplace between archways to the kitchen/breakfast room

To the right off the living room is the master suite. The drapes are a beautiful ivory lattice fabric hanging on thick chrome rods. The paint colors are muted as they are through out, and are beautiful against the dark stained wood floor. I knew she had faux painters in there, and I'm not always a fan, but I really do like everything they did, especially the birds in here.

Doesn't that look like a pleasant place to wake up? Brett said to me "you want that headboard don't you?" Maybe not that one exactly, but something like it! Also note the use of mirrors, they're everywhere. Love.

Through the bedroom we enter the bath. Originally this unit had pretty much the same bathroom as ours, the only difference being another foot in size. They've completely reconfigured it and added much nicer finishes. Through the bath you enter the master closet by walking around either side of the mirror you can see through the doorway. The floor and shower are a gorgeous white marble.

More of the beautiful custom cabinetry, and her fun lucite-and-fur vanity chair.

Back to the living room, and looking toward the breakfast room area of the kitchen. These are corner units and get great light from the north and west-facing windows. That table looks like an antique to me, and the perfect place to start the day with a cup of coffee. Ignore me there in the mirror in my Saturday errand running outfit. Units here are all on one level, but because they wanted to move some things around in the kitchen, and we have 14 inch concrete floors, they raised the kitchen floor. (This building was originally a Cadillac dealership in the 40s. No lot, they parked the big beasts upstairs where we now live) When she mentioned doing this I thought it wouldn't work, but I really like it. The arc of the steps makes it really graceful, and with our high ceilings it's not tight at all, and adds some interest, almost making it feel like a sunken living room.
Here's the kitchen, with more of that beautiful cabinetry, this time in ivory and a metallic silver finish which is nice with the stainless appliances. Also nice is the deco-inspired chandelier centered on the whaletail counters with stools on both sides.

And finally, at the south end of the kitchen, a bar area with more cabinetry, this time in an amazingly beautiful gray cerused oak.
All of us were really taken by how breathtakingly beautiful they've made their space. The guest bedroom and bath are finished but the furniture hasn't arrived yet so I didn't take a picture. They're just as gorgeous as the rest of the place
If you're close to, or in KC (and I'm thinking of you Mrs. B) you should stop by tomorrow between noon and 5pm. TOTALLY worth a look.


Raina said...

Holy z-moley! Thank God someone is still doing this level of work in this economy.

I can see why the remodeler wanted to show off his accomplishment with an open house. It's absolutely amazing.

Martha said...

What a space! Absolutely beautiful!

David said...

I wish you girls could stand in it. The majority of the cabinetry hardware is a polished chrome, and with the glass and mirror, the chandeliers, the shimmery velvet upholstery and the pale paint colors on the walls and built-ins the whole place just shimmers.

The neighbors themselves are just really lovely as well. And they have a big old rhodesian ridgeback I adore as well. It's so nice to see this come together for them.

Karena said...

Georgeous building! The finishes are equisite how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful space.

Mrs. Blandings said...

You guys were right - totally terrific.

Decorina said...

OMD, that is totally fab! Just incredible.

BTW, I'm just east of KC tonight on my way back to Denver with a truck/trailer. If you check this email, give me a call; maybe we can get together tomorrow. Or not, but thought I'd say hi since I'm in your area. Also am so tired I can hardly think...

But that space. Wow. It is gorgeous.

David said...

D! Shoot me an email at buzzcut67@aol.com, it would be great to get together if you're heading through!

hello gorgeous said...

OMD cracks me up every time. And I inadvertently type dog every time. :-)

This place is so freakin' fab!!

Rebecca Woodhead said...

wow. Really striking. I'm too messy to live somewhere like that. The great thing about living in an old cottage in England is that if you forget to do the housework, you can pass it off as 'shabby chic'!

Anonymous said...

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