Industrial Strength

The living room/family room project isn't anywhere near done (but there's progress!), and when it is its going to be a while before its furnished, but I'm already thinking. I found this great tufted tight-back sofa at Neiman Marcus. No, I probably wouldn't buy a sofa at Neimans, but I like this one a lot. When it comes time I'll have to figure out who makes this frame.
And a white garden stool from Williams Sonoma Home. I can't resist cane pattern.

But you know how I like a mix. A little industrial sounds good, doesn't it? I've got the perfect spot for a pair of these, the Decker Bookshelf from Anthropologie. I love that they have drawers.

And in front of that velvet sofa, some rough wood. Like this coffee table from Environment Furniture.

And at 15" by 29", this little Iron Strap Table from Urban Outfitters could tuck in next to a chair or anywhere.
And UO, I'm telling folks about your product, let me grab the damn full-size photo rather than the thumbnail. Big picture here.


Raina Cox said...

Mmmmm... it's going to be so good.

I have a predilection for side tables and both meet with my approval!

ChrisToronto said...

All great choices David! Contemporary glam, now that's the ticket.