The Rapture was a bust, so we landscaped

I read an early morning tweet from someone in New Zealand that said they were all still there, so we decided the Rapture must have been scratched. Its a shame too because the weather was beautiful, perfect for heavenly ascention.

Not perfect was Friday, when I took these first two pictures showing the enormous overgrown yews:
And the enormous overgrown yews coming out.

Here is our new Crimson Sentry Norway Maple shortly after we got it in the ground. We're in love with the color and the fact that it grows in a more columnar shape. The house is heavy on horizontals so we're trying to put in plenty of verticals.

And here you can see the beginning of the bed liner and the little boxwoods that will eventually become a low square hedge.

Weed cloth and mulch are coming soon. Hopefully the weather holds on Monday so the tree guys can come back and get everything finished.

We've been to the nursery a number of times and have found a variety of pines, both tall and tree-like as well as smaller and bushy, that we're planning to use. (There's a very odd dwarf cedar at Family Tree that I think I have to have too. The foliage is corded, it looks like a big green mop.)

I've also been to House of Rock which has some good smallish boulders, and Van Lieus, which has very good pricing on Japanese outdoor lanters. Hopefully there's more to show soon.


Raina Cox said...

Love LOVE the color of that maple!

Raina Cox said...

P.S. As a Heeb, I was hoping to scoop a new (abandoned) car today. Sooooo disappointed.

David said...

Rapture smapture. It WAS a disappointment! We were looking forward to lighter traffic.

The tree really is beautiful. All that tan stone needed some dark contrast. I can't wait for more trees and shrubs.

Toad said...

I need to discover Van Lieus. japanese lanterns could be just the thing

David said...

Toad, Van Lieus is amazing. Planters, statuary, and fountains of all types and sizes.

soodie :: said...

I was looking forward to getting out of a deadline with the world ending.

Can't wait to see how your yard develops. These nurseries can become so addictive. I've spent a majority of my income on shrubs and flowers this spring.