Bernhardt Interiors new release

So a while back I mentioned that Henredon asian-legged cocktail table from Craigslist that I was working on for the tv room.  I had a basecoat of paint on it, and bought 4 yards of great Pollock fabric to have a cushion made to go on top, and it was going to be this teriffic cocktail ottoman.  

Until Tucker got bored and chewed a whole corner off the top in ONE DAY.  He's a whopping 14 pounds, his head and mouth are tiny, I have no idea how he did it.

I can probably replace the top, I just need to turn it upside down and see how it comes apart.

If that doesn't work, I found the table above among Bernhardt Interiors new introductions.  Same lines, polished steel.

Give that a whirl schnauzer mouth.


Raina Cox said...

Oh no!!

I feel your pain. Our cat tore up freshly hung wallpaper, most of the carpet, and two corners of our sofa before we had him declawed.

home before dark said...

OMG! Schnauzer mouth indeed. Our schnauzer loved to gnaw on paper towel rolls (empty). He went gaga on an empty roll of gift wrap!

Love the Bernhardt table. Would Tucker turn this into a hammered look?

Russ Manley said...

Give that dog some twisty chews, man!

ChrisToronto said...

poor you. poor tucker. fab table!