Bed head

When Brett and I met nearly 15 years ago he had an antique bed.  It must have been queen size, but looking back it seems smaller.  The only thing I remember for sure through the haze of our new love was that it was a bitch to change sheets (maybe the bed was full and the mattress was queen) and that while I loved shacking at his house, that mattress killed my back.

I spent 800 bucks (a fortune in 1991) on a mattress when I moved to Lawrence for school, so when Brett and I decided to live together my mattress became ours and his was relegated to the guest room. When we moved to the condo it was either sold or donated, I don't remember which.

Which brings us to the present.  There is something to be said for not skimping on a mattress because we are STILL using the same one.  Its not a bit saggy and is still very comfortable, but with the schnauzers (who expand to doberman size when they sleep) its just too small and frankly has been for years.

We've talked and even occasionally looked at new ones, but the array of styles, materials and prices are insane.  And we're lazy, so we've stuck with what we have and wake up clinging to the edges while the boys stretch out between us. Until now.

My friend Dan has been moving into a new house and through a series of events ended up with an extra headboard, which you can see here.  (our master has not been touched, please ignore the pink damask wallpaper and unfinished floor)  He needed it gone and nobody would buy it at his yard sale, so he gave it to me for free!

It's 62 inches high which is a little taller than I had in mind, but other than that its exactly what Brett and I planned on getting when it was time for a new bed.   Sears (yes, really) was having their Mattress Spectacular! for Independence Day, so we went to look.  We came home with a new grill, but found a mattress we really liked as well. Saturday was the last day of the sale so we went and bought it.  KING SIZE!

Today I stopped at Kansas City Upholstery to see about having the headboard recovered, which turned out to be totally reasonable, so when I got home I ordered four yards of this:

Its Double Feature by Holly Hunt in the "Silver Screen" colorway, from my favorite online fabric discounter, Modern Fabrics.  Kind of a thick, oversized ribbed texture.  I had a swatch and loved it, I just wasn't sure where I could use it.  And then the headboard appeared.

The new mattress comes Thursday, and once the fabric arrives it and the headboard are off to the shop.  And I'm looking forward to a handsome, and bigger bed.


Raina Cox said...

Decorating serendipity. Love it!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

can't wait to see it! YES on the mattress... just bought one that hopefully will last me for the next 20 years!

David said...

And less than 24 hours after ordering I just received an email letting me know my fabric has shipped.

I know its hard to buy material online, but they're very good about swatches and if they have something you can use they've got super deals.

This is my second purchase from them and so far I'm a big fan.

Russ Manley said...

A good mattress is just about the most important thing anyone ever buys. I dreamed of a Beautyrest for years, and finally when my husband and I were together we got one. Wouldn't trade it for a speckled pony.

ChrisToronto said...

fabric looks awesome. and since you're recovering, why not shave a little off the top of that headboard and make it the size you really want?

David said...

I'm actually thinking I may do that Chris. The guy at the shop was so helpful and they can basically take anything you bring them and make it what you want.

I wish I'd known that when I found a sofa I loved but passed because it was nearly 10 feet long.