This guy

Someone has a birthday tomorrow!  It's a bit of a milestone.  He's mildly wigged out, but I guarantee if you put him in a lineup with 9 other guys his age he'd be the best looking and youngest-appearing dude there.

We're heading to Chicago for a weekend of expensive steaks, plentiful cocktails and general fun.

The trip is my gift, but he got something else cool too.  Shown below on Brett's wrist is the Rolex his mom bought his dad when they got married in 1950.  He wore it all through his tour of duty in Korea and for decades after.  Cleaned up and refurbished, now it's Brett's to wear.

Quality lasts, be it time pieces or boyfriends.  Happy birthday baby!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh happy birthday to him! I hope you guys have a fantastic trip!!

Russ Manley said...

Ditto and many happy returns!

Raina Cox said...

Happy B-day, dear Brett!

You look mighty young for someone who served in the Korean War. ;)

Martha said...

Happy Birthday to Brett -- we're heading to Chicago as well this weekend!

David said...

It looks like it should be beautiful Martha, enjoy!