Because I trust your taste

Alright, the set-up: You have 10 of these Johnson Brothers 'His Majesty' dinner plates, and 10 cups and saucers. You have no soup bowls, salad plates, or chargers. You want to set a Turkey Day table that is stylish and fun, the transferware serving as a nod to tradition. What do you mix with these?

My first thought was Wedgwood drabware, but I think it's too tan. I've also seen a solid ivory plate with a basketweave textured rim, but I can't remember where. Your thoughts?


Raina Cox said...

Martha Stewart's "Basketweave" is pretty and cheap.

Royal's (USA) "Basketweave is not so cheap but would look good with your transferware:

Karena said...

A very simple cream classic design would not fight with the intricacy of your Thanksgiving pattern

soodie :: said...

would be nice to find something solid bone white with a gentle scalloped rim.

hello gorgeous said...

Isn't that ivory with basketweave Wedgwood?

Can you mix with Spode Woodlands?

I'd probably go with the ivory.