Putt-putt pub crawl

It's cold and overcast now, but yesterday could not have been more perfect for the Aidswalk Open, the annual putt-putt pub crawl benefitting Aids Walk KC. How rare is that I'd be in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt here in March?!

Brett and I joined our friends Cindy and Mike at our starting bar, 303, at 10am. Chocolate martinis were the special, and not entirely unlike chocolate milk, and went down surprisingly well with the coffee I got on the way. There was a bus to shuttle players from bar to bar, but with such great weather, we walked it and enjoyed the weather and got some sun on our faces.

We drank lightly, putted well, and had a great time. By 2pm however we needed food. The two holes at the Beaumont Club were horribly backed up, and the Dark Horse wasn't much better, so we headed to McCoys. Their hole was a short down-and-dirty shot through the clown's mouth so we hit our putts and decided lunch was a better idea than finishing.

McCoy's expanded into the space next door formerly occupied by The Foundry, a sort of new-agey jewelry place, and so now it's The Foundry at McCoy's and has a great outdoor deck. They also have great nachos that come with an amazing sweet-smoky salsa. We'll be returning to have those again. Often.

I believe Cindy said there were 200 teams, and at 100 bucks a team it they should do well on the money raised.


Raina Cox said...

That is a brilliant, and I mean BRILLIANT, idea! If every city with a population over 10,000 held one of those, AIDS would be cured by September.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea!

The real sad thing is that now a lot of people see Hiv/Aids as a chronic disease that is controllable with a mix of medicine.

gr. Mel

hello gorgeous said...

Good for you, David! They should do that at the beach. You can come and organize it! :-)

Karena said...

last week, Bags of popcorn were sold in the cafeteria at work to raise money for the cause. It is a good feeling to help in any way.

hello gorgeous said...

Another award for you, Mr. David. I know, yawn, another? Come get.

Anonymous said...