The Art Upgrade Continues

Posting has been weak lately as it seems like there is always somewhere we have to be. Even with the tight schedule I found time for an auction last week, and picked up the hand-colored etching above. There were three gay boys in the bid battle, but I came out on top. Endearingly cranky old Mike threw his number up at the end thinking I'd let go, but he was wrong.

It's got a title at the bottom that reads "Cape Comorin taken near Calcad." I should do a bit of research and see where that is, but really I just like the image.

So here's the before shot. A new framing gallery just opened up down on Grand, not far from here. I stopped in (there's a coffee shop as well) Saturday walking back from dropping my scooter off at Vespa for a repair. Happily I discovered they stock Roma mouldings, including one I've seen before and really like. I hope to be heading back soon for some reframing.


Raina said...

I can't wait to see what the "after" looks like.

P.S. I used to carry Roma picture frames in my home store and, damn, if they weren't gorgeous.

David said...

Hi Raina! Roma finishes their mouldings so nicely. Lots of them are a hand rubbed wax, they're so nice.

She had another moulding that was either Roma or Larsen, it was a simple square profile but pieced together. It's hard to explain, but I think I'm going to use it on a pair of Audubon bird prints. I'll be sure to take pics if/when I do.

Karena said...

Yea David! I have designed so many Roma and Larson-Juhl frames. Fabulous lines! I hope you can make it to my 1st Friday event...I'll send an invite, and bring all of your friends!

soodie :: said...

David, doesn't Roma have the nicest frames. I love them too. I have all my etchings from the 30s framed in them. They are certainly worth the splurge. Me too... I can't wait to see your updated work in the new frame.

Toad said...

Congrats on your win. Isn't Calcad just south of Liberty?