Recipe for a great weekend

Friday, begin by closing your office at 3pm, leaving lots of time for a run to the grocery store.

Dinner: Grilled ribeye, brussels sprouts tossed in a mustard vinegrette and roasted with almonds, grape tomatoes and garlic. Also a salad. Make ranch dressing. It's effortless and SO much better than from a bottle.

Lay around for the rest of the evening.

Saturday: Get up 830ish, shower, walk over to the coffee shop for breakfast.

Take advantage of Brett's rare mood to shop, spend hours buying shirts. Then come home and take cars to car wash. Gas is up, but it's hard to be too upset when you've got clean windows.

Nap, then eat leftovers for dinner. Lay on couch watching tv while new shirts go through the laundry.

Out for a late coffee and desert.

Write blog post, then hit the bed.


Raina said...

If everyone ran their lives like that, there would be no war.

ChrisToronto said...

David, please share your "effortless" Ranch dressing recipe--enquiring minds want to know.

Karena said...

This sounds like a fabulous way to soend the weekend. I have spent mine painting my baths. One a buttery yellow, and the master which is larger, a deep periwinkle blue. Hard work, which really lifted my spirits! A very dear friend is helping with accessories. now I must pay it forward!

Karena said...

Sorry. it is early for me. Spend the weekend!

Scott in Iowa said...

Now THAT sounds like my kind of weekend! Got room for a house guest next weekend?? :-)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

sounds like the perfect day!!

hello gorgeous said...

I have a lawyer husband who hates to shop, too. :-( How lucky for you that you caught him on a good day.

The brussels sprouts sound awesome. I don't thing there were nearly enough cocktails involved, though. :-) I cook like Julia Child.

David said...

We were *that close* to opening a bottle of wine, but if we had we'd have never got off the couch!