Almost done

Sorry for having gone missing, I've been working on the bookcase/cabinet I was hired to paint. I'm almost there so I'll have a photo to show here soon. Of course I forgot to take a before, but the after is looking pretty good so there's still something to see. Should be finished by the end of the weekend, and I'll have Brett help me heave the case up on top of the cabinet and I'll shoot it.

It's killing me that I didn't get a shot of it in it's completely dark-stained pine state as it's been quite the transformation. What I'm very happy about is that Rich came by the workshop tonight to check it out and not only was he extremely pleased, but he thinks the client will be too.

Also, testament to having a designer involved, he made a suggestion on one small element that has really improved the overall look.


Karena said...

Can't wait to see it David!