Continuing Education

Blogs are amazing learning tools. Mrs. Blandings posted about Richard Wright's site and mentioned some architectural drawings of the Empire State building, so I went over to take a look. The drawings were great, as was most everything else, but what stopped me was the tea cart above. Italian, c. 1965, by Cesare Lacca, $950.00.

There was one of these sitting at the auction house last Tuesday night. I originally thought it was probably Danish. I looked at it, but not closely, until it came up for bids. I remember thinking it was good looking in a quirky way as I was digging in my pocket for my bidder number. That turned out to be for naught because before I could even get my hand in the air it was well past my limit, although now the $175 that it sold for looks like a really good deal.

The evening wasn't a waste though, as I picked up a great Kenji Ushiku intaglio print for 20 bucks. 20 bucks cash paid to the guy who outbid me on the box of miscellaneous framed stuff, but still a total steal. You'll see that in the next installment of Art Upgrade.


Raina said...

That is sex on wheels. YUM!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I must go to auction. Also, do you read the KC Modern blog? Terrific, just added them to my blogroll. Lots of great KC architectural info.

David said...

Raina: Can't you just see that working in so many places?

Mrs. B: Watch their website for pics and previews. Sale quality has been good lately. Off to check out kcmodern now.

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