Nothing to show, something to say

There was a schedule conflict over the weekend that resulted in no progress on the bedroom. Slightly annoying, but overall not a big deal, so just know I'll have photos of something soon. Also, because we've been watching too much DIY Network we're thinking about taking on the bathroom next. Ourselves. I totally think we can do it, and if not it should be more than entertaining for you to follow along. My camera takes video although I've never tried it, perhaps now's the time.

Then this morning I got an email from the owner of my company letting all of us know that one of our brokers had lost his wife to a stroke or aneurysm over the weekend. They're in their late 30's. While not close, he and I have worked together for years, and I'd met his wife on multiple occasions. It's shocking as she was so young and healthy and fit, and heartbreaking to think of their four kids.

Its trite to say, but we really never do know how long anyone will be around. Take a moment tonight to let your loved ones know what they mean to you.


Russ Manley said...

Yes, anybody can be gone in the twinkling of an eye, no matter how young or healthy. All the more reason to cherish the moments you do have together.

Kathleen said...

Good point. I remember when our attorney was putting together our wills, he said that we are never promised tomorrow. Not original, but so true.

Martha said...

Which is why you should live each day like it is your last!

As to the bathroom, I've always felt that you can do anything you want! GO for it!

Raina Cox said...

Oh, that story just pulls at my heart. It's my greatest fear that I won't see The Pea grow up.

As for the next bathroom project - go Team David!

Toad said...

Well said.

Karena said...

Very sad indeed. Live life to it's fullest!!

Thank you David we all need this reminder.

Art by Karena

home before dark said...

Last week we went to the funeral of my husband's former boss. He was only 66 (at 60, to me that is young). He had suffered from dementia, starting to lose himself over 10 years ago. So very sad to watch his life played out. I so agree with you: live every day like you mean in.

Re the bath: go for it. We are finishing up a rather small bathroom redo. I took half of the room down to the studs. We took out the tub and had shower installed. I think the building of the concrete pan was the most labor intensive (we contracted that out). If you get in over your heads, you can always get someone to help you finish.

Hugs to your house and all the pups as well.

ChrisToronto said...

So sad. Thanks for the reminder David.


Thanks for the reminder.
I will squeeze my guys a little tighter tonight (house of two boys and the hubby).
...and just last week i finished watching the whole 'six feet under' series. have you seen that?!

Decorina said...

Go for it in the bathroom. As someone else pointed out - if you get stuck someone can help you out.

I'm trying to find a contractor to replace the floor in our little bathroom. It is torn up and last night the toilet leaked all the water from the tank onto the 4 layers of vinyl and the rotted decking below it. Sigh.

Money pit.

Anonymous said...
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