So close

I should have some bedroom pictures after this weekend. Electrical is done, save installing outlet covers. I cannot stress how happy the new lighting makes me. We've gone from two fixtures to six and the difference is amazing. Also nice is the fact that my switches are all faintly backlit, so they're a snap to find in the dark. The closet now has a fixture and a switch, so much nicer than the former bare bulb and pull chain.

Bill will be back Saturday morning to install the 81 feet of crown moulding I have painted on saw horses in the garage. Doors are here as well, 2 of the 3 to be installed Saturday. The door to the bathroom will wait pending some wall work in the bath itself. I'll prime and paint those once they're up.

I've got to find door hardware and Bill needs to finish the window seat. Speaking of the window seat, I found a firm, thick foam online that I can order to size and dacron-wrapped. And at Modern Fabrics I found what I believe is enough of a Donghia silk chenille (color Midnight) to do a self-welted cushion cover.

The second window quote was worse than the first so that search continues, and we've got to get a floor refinisher out to see if we can save the hardwood. Then Bill can install the base moulding. After that all that remains is to order the closet system (design your own at Easy Closets and they'll build and ship in something crazy like two days) and we can move in.

Update for HBD! The website where I found the foam is I'm going with the 5 inch Lux foam found under the Cushions section.


Kathleen said...

Hope you can save the floors. Old floors have such character.

Raina Cox said...

"Dacron-wrapped," "self-welted" - I love it when you talk like that.

home before dark said...

Spill the beans about the firm, thick foam...dacron wrapped stuff (I always made my own). It's not nice to leave us hanging like that. I think this room will be quite wonderful. I'd go with old floors over anything available today. Good luck.

Mrs. Blandings said...

You guys have done an amazing amount of stuff in a very short time - I'm hugely impressed. And grateful for the foam and closet resources.

home before dark said...

Thanks for the info. I'm looking for a source for outdoor cushions. I appreciate this, David.