Call me

I inquired about some grasscloth, found it was available, and she said she'd call me back with pricing within the hour. That was Wednesday.

Last Friday I sent a sample off to have some paint matched. I included my email and mobile number so they could get my credit card. Nothing so far.

Retailers, I got money to spend if you'll just help me out.

Slightly unrelated, mud and tape have begun here. Pray that I weather the impending dust storm.

***Update*** The paint guy called me, order complete!


Unknown said...

the worst. i wish there was some balance between the inattentive salesperson, and the salesperson who hounds you to death, but alas there seems to be no middle ground.

Raina Cox said...

What Christian said.

David said...

I'm just baffled by how difficult it seems to get someone to sell you something.

home before dark said...

I mourn with you. As my husband keeps saying, "They act like this in this economy?" I'm still waiting (actually I ended up buying tile off the internet) for my local tile store that did my bathroom last year to call me back (two months ago).

And about that drywall dust. There is no such thing as a little bit of drywall dust. It is insidious. It breeds. I may never get rid of the menace.

Go Jayhawks!

ChrisToronto said...

Full-on empathy. I was shopping with a client recently in what appeared to be an empty -- as in no sales help -- store until I poked my head into the shrouded back room. "Don't you people want to sell me stuff?" I asked. No apology but they did rouse themselves, like bears rising from their winter slumber.