The first Saturday in March

I'm exhausted, there couldn't have been more packed into the weekend.

The AIDSWalk Open, our annual putt-putt pub crawl kicked things off Saturday morning at 10am. Cindy was determined to buy me a drink so the shot of Kahlua I requested went right into the coffee I was still nursing from breakfast. Would enjoying that every morning be a problem?

We were highly efficient covering all the holes in the Westport entertainment district, including our favorite at Morning Glory Antiques. It had a Studio 54 theme, lots of mirror balls and silver glitter, and the best obstacle of day: Members of the KC Wave swim team, in Speedos, on a swing hanging from the ceiling over the green. Why I didn't take a phone pic of the adorable boy dangling overhead in his banana hammock I don't know. Actually I do know. I was preoccupied. Note to self: attend more swim meets.

After a bloody mary and lunch and finishing the 3 holes not in Westport Brett and I were off to Kincaid's. As you know our entry has an opening into the living room where there used to be a planter and scrolly wrought iron. Bill is changing the size of that opening to accomodate the piece of antique Chinese lattice we bought. It's a plain grid pattern rather than anything more intricate, but I think that makes it feel a bit more contemporary, which I like. I'll have photos after I figure some sort of floating mount for Bill to pull off. If you've ever had to do anything like this I'd love to hear how you did it. The lattice frame is about an inch and a half thick.

By now you're wondering what's up with the paint chips above. In anticipation of our new room I've nailed down the details on what I'm going to do with that Henredon sideboard we bought a while back. I'm going to give the Fine Paints of Europe sign lacquer a try. And as a foil to all the neutral walls and floors (and future upholstery), I'm painting it burnt orange. Benjamin Moore's Fireball Orange was a strong contender, as was Navajo Red, but the winner is Orange Copper from Dulux. It's the big chip, sorry about the flash glare.

And for hardware, a simple three-inch ring pull in polished chrome,from Look In the Attic dot com, here.

I spent today browsing Nell Hills looking at rugs and an enormous wall mirror, also hitting up a new thrift store to see if there was any good project furniture (there wasn't). The living and family rooms are moving along and all I can think is that I'm going to have big empty spaces to fill very soon. Pictures of that progress later this week.


Toad said...

For a while I missed not having a project, but now I'm living vicariously through you. Not only is this more fun, it's a whale of a lot cheaper. Looks great

Karena said...

David you know how much I love orange and it will be stunning!!

Do come and enter my Artful Offering!It is truly beautiful!

Art by Karena

Mrs. Blandings said...

I thought I was doing pretty well buying a table - you've put me to shame.

ChrisToronto said...

I shiver with antici . . . pation.

Decorina said...

David try Mockett Fine Architectural Hardware for mounting brackets/clips for your screen. They have the coolest parts for building furniture and mounting panels I've ever seen. Also some of the best recessed ports for tele/data/electrical ever made.