Waterworks Tile

I was wondering around the Waterworks website. I love a white crackle glaze, especially on a field tile with a raised chinoiserie pattern.
There were a crazy amount of trim options, this was my favorite, although they were all really good.
I'm sure pricing is pee-your-pants high, but you know I'm trying to figure out where I could fit a few square feet.


Martha said...

I think you could figure out where you could put a few feet -- lots of "bang" for the buck!!!! And I know you'd love it!

A.J.Barnes said...

I love the tiles. Reminded me of when we did our baths during our renovation. We selected great stuff and then totally freaked out when we saw the cost. Hope you don't have the same experience!


Raina Cox said...

I worked in a high-end tile showroom right out of college. We carried Walker Zanger, Meredith, Epro, you name it.

The clients always lost their shee-ot and picked out the crazyexpensive pretty stuff. I was the one who had to break it to them what their builder allowance was (white 4x4).

Love the first one. T'would make an insane backsplash.