The Contender

I've owned a number of sofas, I think they may be the single most difficult piece of furniture to choose. I've never owned one I really loved, but I've learned along the way. Rolled arms take up too much room. Slipcovers always look like an unmade bed. Dark brushed fabrics fade and show stains. Chenille fabrics look and feel good as a swatch but don't live the way you'd like.

Which brings us to the sofa above, the Beckett sofa by Bernhardt Interiors.

This is a contender. First and foremost is the look, kind of a streamlined chesterfield. Next and just as important is the size. At 83 inches it will center nicely on my 9 foot media wall.

I know I've bitched about the cheap furniture wasteland that is Nebraska Furniture Mart, but knowing their Design Gallery carries Bernhardt we went to take a look. They didn't have this frame on display but there was a similar one and it sat nicely. There were a number of good fabrics to choose from and strangely they're all one grade and price. And finally was their price, which was shockingly less than I was expecting.

I also learned that they sell American Leather. I had her quote the Rex bench that I'd like in front of the fireplace and they're about 400 bucks under the quote I got from Black Bamboo. Yes, I'd prefer to support the independent retailer, but I need a house full of furniture so I've got to save where I can.

The only sad news was that Henredon's Warren dining table appears to be discontinued and I haven't seen anything else I like as much.

So, has anyone owned a Bernhardt sofa? I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say.


ChrisToronto said...

You're smart to do your research, David, after all, things fall apart. I've never owned a Bernhardt or a Beckett but I think it looks great.