My office moved this past week, and as I work in Operations it was our big show. Think about your last move, only imagine there are 130 people in your family, and you lived in your last place for a decade.

Back with something interesting as soon as I'm recovered.


Raina Cox said...

Good Lord. You deserve a spa day. Sorry, a spa week!

Toad said...

During my working career in the telephone biz, every week was a clients moving week. Lord, I don't miss those days. Hope you got to spend Easter on the boat with mom. That's one my favorite traditions.

David said...

Sadly Toad I was working, but I called mom and true to form, she was on her way to the boat.

Its been a huge task, but we're all in our place on the 32nd floor (with great views) and everything seems to work. Yesterday someone said "Once I unpacked my boxes it was just a normal work day." Sounds like a seamless transition to me.