Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

I posted some website shots of the Kauffman center when it opened this past fall. We went to a concert tonight and I took a few phone shots of my own and thought I'd share. You enter the building and then take stairs or an elevator up to the main level where this was taken. Yes, the front wall and ceiling are glass. And yes, its stunning.

There are two performance halls, the Muriel Kauffman theater, and Helzberg Hall, both serviced by this lobby. Multiple bars make grabbing a pre-show drink a breeze, and Chris the cute bartender made it a pleasure.
We had super seats in the orchestra, third row center, which you actually walk down to from the lobby. Since we had a little time we took our drinks up a level and walked the length of the building. Its beautiful from pretty much any vantage point.

This shot is inside the theatre, and its a little bit deceptive. Those panels that front the balcony and boxes are indeed reflective, but far less harsh in person. They don't reflect so yellow in person either, the way they do here and in every photograph I've seen. When I first saw pictures I thought it might be a little bit garish but its really not. There is a lot of color in the seats, carpets, and wall panels, so its not subdued, but its nothing crazy either.

We saw An evening with Patti Lupone and Mandy Patinkin. I enjoyed the show, but it made me realize the one way in which I'm a bad gay: I have almost no knowledge of, or love for, musical theatre. Brett has a little more knowledge and thanks to him I now know Patti Lupone was the definitive Evita.

We turned around for one last shot as we walked a couple blocks to the car in the bone-chilling night air. I think the symphony will be our next ticket and I'm really looking forward to going back.


Martha said...

We think the Kaufman is aswesome as well. We have season opera tickets and it is such a change from the old Lyric! And for us, the Webster House makes a great place to eat before the show!

David said...

The move from the Lyric to the Kauffman must be night and day Martha. I'm dying to hear the new organ.

I friend tried to get in to Webster House pre-show this week, she said they're taking reservations on performance nights two months out already. As much money as Shirley Helzberg gave, its only right her restaurant makes some back =)