Monster Marbro

The auction house I hit most here in town shuts down a little before Christmas through the end of the year. Tuesday night was the first sale of 2012. Nothing I needed badly, but there were three Marbro lamps I wanted to see. I don't know a lot about Marbro other than they were in Los Angeles and they made some pretty spectacular lamps back in the day, which sell for quite a bit on eBay.

The first was a crystal column with bronze fittings and a grey linen shade, the sort of thing we could totally use around here. I reluctantly let go at 80 and it sold for twice that.

The last was a bottle-shaped, carved marble number with a carved and pierced floral band around the body. People at auctions go crazy for marble and I never even got in the fray. I think it ended up going for 170. And then in the middle there was this:

Yes, that's a normal wine bottle, so yes, it's huge. In fact from the table to the top of the finial is 46 inches, so its just shy of four feet.

Chinoiserie chrysanthemums on a white background, with a gilt base, pull chains as well as an inline switch on the cord. The quality is there, this thing is heavy as hell. Looking over the body it appears to be flawless. It was lit at the auction house so electricaly everything seems to be in working order, although I always feel better when vintage lamps get new wiring. The base even seems good if just a bit dusty.

I love a big lamp, and you know I love a little Asian flavor, but sadly this bad boy doesn't really fit in here. Someone's got the love as well as the perfect spot though, so this weekend its going up on eBay. Of the 60-some Marbro lamps currently listed there are a number of chinoiserie styles, but none this big or this model. I'm hoping it does well as I still have one brass lamp here to take in for nickel plating. Wish me luck. Or even better, bid your best!


ChrisToronto said...

Good find and good luck, David. I'm after a monumental lamp of my own at an auction here in Toronto on Valentine's Day. Let's compare notes when the dust settles.