A chambray shirt

If you're a guy you probably have a chambray shirt hanging in your closet.  If you're like me, it's always there but you rarely wear it.  It seems to be one of those things I love on the hanger, but am underwhelmed with once I put it on.   My closet currently contains a Polo chambray work shirt with chest pockets (one button-through and one flapped).  It fits me well, the sleeves are the perfect length, and every time I put it on I end up taking it off.

What it doesn't really have much of is details.  And details, of almost any kind, are what draw me to certain pieces of clothing.

Checking out the new arrivals at Unionmade tonight I ran across this:

Distressed and repaired by hand in Japan, its the Remade Chambray Shirt by Anachronorm.  And its $658.00.  Yes, the price is ridiculous, but the shirt itself is kind of interesting.

You have to like this sort of thing, but I do.  My favorite pair of jeans are a destroyed and repaired pair of Adriano Goldschmied boot cuts that get raves every time I wear them (and not just because they make my ass look amazing).

Now I'm thinking about that chambray shirt in my closet, and what I might be able to do with a power sander, some fabric scraps and my sewing machine.  I wish I'd seen this earlier.  We had torrential rains yesterday and this would have been a perfect project.


Toad said...

I may be better if you shoved it in an envelope and shipped it to someone who would love it, just the way it is. :)

David said...

I could love it Toad! If it just had a little more character =)

Russ Manley said...

Ya know David, at $650 a pop you could finance your whole redecorating project with just a handful of those worn-out chambrays from the racks at Goodwill. If I was any good at sewing, I'd damn sure go for it.