Auction results. From all over.

I went to an art auction last Sunday out at Dirk Soulis' gallery in Lone Jack.  It was chock full of really nice paintings, works on paper and mid-century ceramics.  I was prepared to spend a little money, especially on one oil on board of a seated figure.

It was lot 36 or so, so I had time to just relax and watch.  Around lot 4 or 5 a Birger Sandzen 1930s watercolor came up and sold for 13 grand.  I should have realized this was a sign and headed out to salvage my day.

But there I sat, and even tried to bid on a few things.  They all went high.  Not unreasonably high for what they were (I looked up some prices later), but higher than I could go.  So I left with nothing other than the enjoyment of seeing some great art.

Edvard Munch's The Scream (the pastel) hit the block tonight at Sotheby's, and broke the record for any artwork ever sold at auction.  Hammer price with buyer's premium?  119,922,500.00

Sunday's sale seems like chump change now.


Martha said...

That's why I like Estate Sales -- come and go -- see the prices and if you don't like them, it's not your whole day! I've spent LOTS of time at auctions . . only to find my item started HIGHER than what I wanted to pay . . and sometimes I have a carful of really cheap things because they were cheap and at the moment I felt enamored about them!

soodie :: said...

i was watching the auction slumped on my sofa on my laptop. i was ALL OVER those Polia Pillin vessels -- needless to say, i didn't win any of them.