Chinese, please!

This is the table I mentioned in an earlier post. I apologize for the poor photo, I never seem to have my camera when I need it, thus the phone shot. An estate sale purchase, I found it wedged between two tattered dressers in a third floor bedroom of a large old home at 43rd and Warwick, near the Kansas City Art Institute.

I'd been to the sale already and hadn't bought anything when I took boyfriend back because I wanted him to see the house. (He's great about coming with. He might not always be excited about the contents, but he's always up for checking out the house!) Poking around what I'm sure were originally servants quarters, the table caught my eye. Scratched and stained, it was surprisingly un-wobbly, so I grabbed it.

The pale green color I painted it wasn't awful, but it didn't seem especially right either. The next day I took steel wool in hand and really got after it, only to discover that it looked pretty good with most of the paint removed. A rubdown with stain colored the areas of raw wood I'd exposed, and toned down the new green nicely. I finished it tonight with a sprayed coat of clear poly that should keep it in good shape.

I love a flawed surface, and I love a little bit of asian style. I'm very interested to see how long this takes to sell.


zakary said...

Came by way of Decorno and I love your style. That little table looks fantastic.

And your doggies are too cute for words.