The Real McCoys

I left a comment over at Decorno the other day where I mentioned that I use old McCoy pots to help with the stuff that always ends up on my dresser. I was just in the closet changing out of my work clothes and their shape and color always makes me smile. I have another in the green that sits on my desk at my workshop for pens and pencils.

The blue one was picked up at a second hand shop for six bucks because it was covered with multiple colors of paint. A long hot bath and a gentle massage with a Scotch Brite pad revealed it's original beauty. Man I love a score.

I should also note the locker baskets. At an auction one evening I picked up an arm load of metal baskets of different sizes and shapes, thinking they'd be good to resell. And they have been, enough so that these two got to stay here. One organizes belts and gloves, the other holds boxes and manuals for my camera and iPhone, the little camera tripod, and who knows what else I've tossed in there. What does it say about me that I enjoy the fact that they're in sequential order, number 1354 and 1355.

Anyway, even though I hate the word "repurposing," I do love taking old things that move me and finding a way to make them work in the here and now.


i suwannee said...

David! you have two schnauzers! you must tell me more. my husband and i are getting one in november--just waiting for the litter to be born!

start at the beginning.

Michele said...

OHHH I LOVE McCoy! I have a 7x7 bookcase full as well as pots with plants all over! I haven't seen these before - Loverly!