More on taking something old and making it work:

This is an original Caldwell from 1959. I don't know who Caldwell was, but their abstract ink-over-watercolor ended up an an auction months ago. It was in a non-descript brown wood frame with a filthy linen liner. I got it for less than 10 bucks.

The framing was hideous, but there was something about it image I found compelling. When I took it apart I found the painting had been masking taped to the back of a print of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. I have to love someone who would flip over a bad print and display their own painting.

There are some dark aquas and some cochineal-type reds, and the shapes always make me think "medieval" for some reason. It's now safely mounted on acid-free board, with a simple ivory mat and black frame. Originally it had a standard 2 inch mat all around. I've matted it at 4 inches on the top and sides and a bit more on the bottom. It's beautiful, and one of those things I know I'll keep for a long time.


columnist said...

Can you imagine if it had been the other way'd found an original Van Gogh?! But I agree, there's something rather compelling about it, and you've certainly framed it well.

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