Quality, not quantity

Decorno started a conversation on holiday decorating, which we're going to try again this year after a two year hiatus. I don't like lots of decorations, but what I do decorate, I like to decorate fully. The mantle above was at our old house. I did something similar the first year we were settled here in the condo, and will give it a go again this year.

I may not use fresh greens however, as they dried out really quickly here, probably due to heat from the tv mounted over the fireplace. I may use slightly fewer glass balls too. I hadn't looked at this picture for a while and it seems like there's just a few too many.


Karena said...

David, it is lovely, I am in a condo also, so I don't do lots for the holidays, some wreathes,garland, candles! Perfect. Otherwise my little nest feels too cluttered.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you include Decorno in your blogroll? You're always over there, commenting.

David said...

Decorno, is that you in sunglasses?