Turkey Tagged

Jen has tagged me for a special Thanksgiving meme. Could someone give me some insight on the word "meme" please? I know what it is, vaguely, but that's about it. I assume it's prounounced as "meem" although a big part of me wants it to be "may-may." Anyway, five things I'm thankful for and why:

1. The love a good man.

Seriously. I'm fully aware that I'm no picnic to live with. The fact that he loves me as much as he does, and has for as long as he has, well, that's just pretty amazing. If he would occasionally wipe down the handle and door on the refrigerator, my life would be near perfect. =)

2. Dogs.

My schnauzers are barky little terrorists that I love only slightly less than Boyfriend. People who aren't fond of dogs don't understand the depth of this devotion. A neighbor of mine took a passive-aggressive verbal jab at my boys last week and I'm still mad about it. My new hall policy? No correcting, and no apologizing. I will love and adore these dogs until their last breath, and after we move I will never think of this neighbor again.

3. The Internet.

While it may separate us in some ways, it's brought us together in others. Blogs, ebay, banking, chatting, porn, I mean entertainment...all at our fingertips. What's not to love?

4. Being 41.

Not the number so much, as the change in my mind once I hit 40. I'm far more interesting now than I've ever been. I've lost the ability to care about the inconsequential. I've lost the fear of growing old, of not succeeding, of others opinions. It's been wonderfully freeing.

5. Just being.

I've been lucky enough to be healthy all of my life. I'm rarely sick. I've never had any medical procedure outside of a dentist's office, and I've been to the emergency room exactly once. I turned 18 in 1986 when HIV was the "gay cancer" that wiped out a generation of young men, and I came through it unscathed. I'm a lucky boy.

So there's my five. I'm not tagging others, but if you're reading this and you blog, how about telling us what you're thankful for. Leave me a comment so I can come see what you say.


Karena said...

Happy Thanksgiving David!

1) My wonderful large family, great longtime friends, and new special blogging friends.

2)Reigniting my love and passion for art and painting.

3) The fact that even though I have has some serious health concerns, they don't (generally ) show and I remain positive and excited about this limited time we have to make a difference.

4) My current partner Miss Belle, a loving fluffy Himalayan cat, while waiting for Mr. Right (who must be Mr. Blanding's brother)!

5) Bringing a bit of joy, happiness, a smile to a face, paying a complement, paying it forward. Thankful because it all seems to come back when least expected and most needed.