Office party

Over the years at my firm the holiday gathering has gotten bigger and more involved. Until this year, when we had a holiday lunch at a hotel up the street from the office. It was a nice room, and because the hotel doesn't have food service it was catered by Grand Street, and really quite good. Except the mashed potatoes, which were magical.

I work in the Operations group, and have a few vacation days in a use-or-lose situation, so I took today off and put together a little gathering for my co-workers. I think 10 or so is the perfect number for things like this, and that was about what I had.

It was a nice opportunity to use the old white ironstone pieces I've been picking up lately, and I was pleased with how my table looked. The mix of patterns and styles, all in white, against a neutral linen cloth was nice. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was still pulling things together when the first person arrived. (Thank you again Dan for putting together my cheese platter!) My bronze altar candlesticks work with everything, and the bowl I brought back from France made a perfect centerpiece just filled with colorful retro Christmas ornaments.

Everyone came and seemed to enjoy themselves. We're having the most God-awful, freezing, wet weather, so I did some hot ham sandwiches with a mustard and butter spread, and a cheesy potato and corn chowder. For those that just wanted to snack there were cheeses and grapes, hummus, vegetables and dip, and nuts and wasabi peas. (are wasabi peas addictive for anyone besides me?)

Finally, props to the girls behind the deli counter at the Brookside Market. You recommended a ham, which you advised I should taste. When it was delicious and I ordered some, you first asked how I wanted it sliced and then laid it out neatly, making it easy to build sandwiches for a crowd. The other grocery store I sometimes shop at just grabs a fist full, weighs it, and tosses it in a bag.

All in all, a busy day, but a great evening. Here's hoping rush hour tomorrow morning isnt a total mess.


hello gorgeous said...

That's so nice of you to do for your buds. I think we're going to do a similar thing for Christmas day this year rather than the usual formal sit-down. More hors d'oeuvres kind of thing for a change.

Karena said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday group gathering. You have put me in the spirit to have just a few friends over!