About your wedding: Notes from a guest

Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding for the brother of Brett's law partner. That's us above with his law partner, Rachel. And delicious cake. This is how weddings should be done. Here's what I liked:

-The ceremony was over in 19 minutes flat. Exchange of vows, two short readings, one quick song, and Hello Mr. & Mrs.

-The reception was immediately following, at the same location. Nobody wants to wait or drive across town to the country club. One and done!

-Black and white isn't traditional for an afternoon wedding, but you know what, everyone looks good in it.

-Immediate drink service and opening the buffet quickly keeps everyone happy.

-Yay! for not doing the bouquet and garter things. Does anyone really like that?

Best wishes to the happy couple. Thanks both for including us in your big day, and for making it so easy and pleasant.


Raina said...

They sound like sensible people - mazel to them both!

Karena said...

Sounds like such a lovely event!!The image of the bride and handsome couple is a keeper.

Kathleen said...

I so agree with everything you said. Great photo.