A disturbance in the Force

photo credit: miss jessie/flickr

Toad's done. I'll miss seeing what's on his mind, but we all do what we need to do. Always a place on my blogroll for you Sir.

HG's back from her summer vacation, with the warning that she'll be blogging less. The first post back got a little zesty in the comments which makes the break understandable and the return just that much more enjoyable.

Decorno, too vowed to lighten her load since returning from Italy, and she seems to have done so. And why not? With her opinionated readership just asking a question is often enough.

Change is good, yeah? Or at least ok.


Mrs. Blandings said...

I'm hoping Toad will take a break and be back. Moderation, after all.

hello gorgeous said...

Yes, it was an unplanned/unannounced break. And it was niiiiiiiiicccccceeeeeeee.

But blogging does seem a cold-weather activity. I will probably be blogging less but enjoying it more. :-)

I have missed you though.

soodie :: said...

Blogging seems to be all or nothing -- consuming all your thoughts and time all or nothing. Sometimes hard to find a middle ground.

Kathleen said...

I'm not taking Toad off of my blog roll. Denial?

David said...

I'm not either Kathleen, hope springs eternal.