Boxwood blast

So you'll remember last summer after we had all the yews pulled out we built some beds.  One mild winter later and our borders were broken and coming up and just generally a mess.  So we called in some pros.

Following the line of our boxwoods (which did beautifully!) they installed a heavy duty liner.  They also roto-tilled everything, brought in dirt and graded, and buried all the downspouts.  So over the weekend and while the dirt was all fluffy and light we got to planting.

Here are some new boxwoods we added in the front.  Also note that the caved-in sidewalk and carpeted front porch are now all new.

There were no boxwoods on the east side of the house, but here's Brett finishing up the last of the 20 we installed.  You can't see them behind him but there are also five new hostas in the shady corner around that bay window.

And here at the northwest corner of the house is our new eastern white pine.  I love pines, especially funky ones with some empty spots on the trunk.  At maturity it should only be about six feet wide so it should fill up that part of the bed nicely.

There's also one little society garlic plant there, two more were added after I took this phone shot.

The guys will be back Thursday or Friday to mulch, and shopping for a Japanese lantern is on my Saturday to-do list.

Its finally starting to not look like an old lady house.


Martha said...

Like what you did -- I thought society garlic was not winter hardy here. Am I wrong?

David said...

Well Martha, now that you mention it I don't know. Maybe that's why it was half-price.

We're concentrating on foundation planting and perennials. I suppose if I lose them its not a huge deal, but I was planning on them coming back. Off to look that up. =)

David said...

Ok, it says its hardy in zones 7 through 10. I've always thought we were zone 6, then again last winter was ridiculously mild. I'll be interested to see what happens next spring.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Looking good! Everytime I see new boxwood I think "that will look so great in 30 years" but it looks good now!

David said...

They seem to like their spots Stefan. The house faces north so they get a good amount of sun most of the day. The ones on the east side are only going to get morning sun, so I expect them to take a lot longer to fill in.