Foo Fighter

I was having a conversation with Raina about new fall offerings at Target (some of which are terrific btw, I was there today), and I said that for things I don't expect to own forever I love some of their stuff.  

Conversely, every so often I'll spend a little more on something if I think its a thing I'll want for a long time.  And that made me realize I hadn't posted about an auction a few weeks ago.

Brett rarely goes to a sale with me.  Consignment auctions can last forever and there's usually tons of things we don't want to own.  But a good catalog sale?  They're usually shorter and he can follow along.  Rick Pence had one a while back at the expo center by the airport, and Brett went with.

After 300 lots of Victorian silver and Staffordshire figurines at a brisk 120 lots per hour, during which Brett read a book on his phone while I took frequent smoke breaks, we finally got to the Asian goodness.

We picked up a woodblock print which I'll post about soon, and I let go of one that I really should have bought.  I also picked up a pair of stone chops and Brett got a killer deal on a landscape etching for his office.

But the winner for the day is the foo dog head pictured above with Brett's foot.  It cost me 100 bucks which in some ways seems like a lot.  Then again we'd hoped to buy a rug and one couple pretty much bought them all, spending well over ten thousand in the process.  So dropping a Franklin on some antique celedon coolness doesn't seem so bad.  Its absolutely the favorite thing I've bought in ages, and I'm sure its with us for good.

By the way, the Chinese want their stuff back, and they've got the cash to make it happen.  Carved jade figures and buckles were selling for thousands apiece, and the final lot, a carved black and white jade brooch, went for TWELVE GRAND.  I was telling Cindy at Kincaid's about it and like me she thought it's likely all being shipped back overseas.


Raina Cox said...

That guy has Personality with a capital "P".

And thanks so much for the link love, Babe!

ChrisToronto said...

I don't get any head at the auctions I go to, must be doing something wrong.

David said...

YAY!!! Well done Sir =)