If I were king (sized) redux

Who knew it would be so incredibly difficult to find attractive, durable, masculine bedding?  If I wanted pastel colors, florals, dog-unfriendly fabrics or trendy patterns I could have been done in an evening. Something handsome and high quality turned out to take a bit longer.

Since Pottery Barn elected not to have the ikat quilt in-store for me to look at I went another route.

The winner was Resto's diamond-quilted linen.  Shown here in Fog, I actually went with Indigo for the quilt and king shams.  Yes, king shams, just like I was looking for.  A little bit of color and texture in place of a lot of pattern, and should look good with any number of sheet colors.  I might actually do a pair of euro pillows in the Fog depending on how it looks with the headboard fabric.

As pricey as it was (even though we got it on sale) I have to say, its nice stuff.  I've often found bedding to be a bit stingy in the sizing department, but not here.  The king quilt nearly hits the floor on three sides, probably because they're hoping you'll use it on one of their mammoth bed frames.  The stitching seems good, the weight is nice, and will hopefully keep me warm while not killing Brett, who tends to get hot.

I'll figure out a bedskirt after the headboard comes back from the upholstery shop.


Toad said...

Have you received your 10 pound Restoration Hardware catalog yet? You may find what you seek there, but at a price.

David said...

The catalog hasn't come, but I did find it in the store. It would have been outrageous but they had a 20% off thing, not bad since Brett and I split the cost.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

me likey!