Jack Lenor Larsen

Elle Decor has taken a bit of a beating in the blogosphere, but the October issue is full of things I've enjoyed, especially a short interview with textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen.

The head of the Textile Design department at KU back when I was in school mentioned being friends with him, and shortly after I picked up a book on his designs.  I wish I could have been a weaver but the intricacy and math meant I was destined to become a printer.

The photo above is Larsen's Primavera, a 1964 design still in production today.  Just looking at it makes me happy.


Raina Cox said...

That's lovely, a constellation of lily pads.

This month's issue was much improved, though including Ivanka Trump in the "fashion" issue is a stretch. Her apartment looks like a high-end builder's model home.

The London rowhouse and the Norman chateau were so lush I wanted to bite the pages.