Bill has been back, which is great. I've got the first coat on the window seat, and then he'll be back to install the lid. The man pays attention, there was a nickel and a brass piano hinge available for the lid, and he bought the nickel.

Also up is the crown moulding, and I couldn't be more pleased. You'll notice that this is not the profile I had originally chosen. It was special order from a company that KC Building Supply did not work with and was going to be more of an ordeal than it was worth. Proportion was what I was after most, and this simple, traditional profile in a 5.5 inch size works beautifully.

This picture makes it look like the walls and ceiling are the same color, but the ceiling is actually a couple shades lighter. It's Sherwin Williams' (or Shermin Williams as we call it) Fleur de Sel. I like it a lot, I'm thinking about it for the hallway walls.

Doors are not up yet pending the floor refinishing, for which we got a smokin quote from European Floors. I'll be anxious to report how that goes. I can tell you now that the owner is French, and really cute. That fact wasn't figured into the choice I swear.

We've got a little electrical problem as we've lost the light over the window seat and two outlets. Chris has been out to look and has to come back as he can't figure out what's going on. They worked, and then they just stopped. Luckily if he has to go into the wall he can go throught the master bedroom so the new drywall should be safe.

One last update, the dog pee problem has cropped back up. We're heading back to the vet this weekend. If he's all better we're thinking about calling the pet psychic to see if she can ask him to stop.

A note to runners

It's wonderful that you're out getting some exercise. But when you're out for an evening run, on a rainy night, running in the street, you should wear light colors. Or even better, something reflective.

Brett took me to drop off my car for maintenance tonight, and we grabbed a sandwich and headed home. Coming down our side street a woman was running towards us. As we approached I mentioned her because I could tell Brett couldn't see her. She in turn said something (our windows were up) and waved in a "get over" motion.

This is the second time it's happened to me, and few things have pissed me off more.

The first time, years ago, I didn't do anything about it but tonight I did. I hopped on the scooter and I rode down the street until I found her. And I said "I wanted to let you know that I'm sorry we were so close to you, but you're really not visible."

Her response was to tug at her gray sweatshirt and say "really?"

We chatted for a minute and she seemed to at least be open to what I was saying, but then she said "well maybe next time I should wear an orange cone." I love passive agressive.

So I simply said "or maybe one of those reflective belts they make for runners."

And with that she turned and jogged away.


RCA Victor console stereo phonograph, missing it's speakers and stereo guts. I'm betting 1940's.

I've missed making things even though I've done plenty of painting on walls and ceilings lately, so I thought I'd try doing a piece of furniture for the house. You can probably guess where I'm going, and if not, it'll just be that much more of a surprise.

The City Union Mission thrift store had it for $60, way more than I would pay. I went back yesterday to look at it and all furniture was 40% off. Thankfully the floor staff agreed with me that it was furniture and not electronics, which were not discounted.

I bet it was a lovely piece in its day, hopefully I can pull off what I'm hoping to do and it will be again. It'll be a while before you get an after shot, if it works I don't want to show it until both it and it's room are done.

Nothing to show, something to say

There was a schedule conflict over the weekend that resulted in no progress on the bedroom. Slightly annoying, but overall not a big deal, so just know I'll have photos of something soon. Also, because we've been watching too much DIY Network we're thinking about taking on the bathroom next. Ourselves. I totally think we can do it, and if not it should be more than entertaining for you to follow along. My camera takes video although I've never tried it, perhaps now's the time.

Then this morning I got an email from the owner of my company letting all of us know that one of our brokers had lost his wife to a stroke or aneurysm over the weekend. They're in their late 30's. While not close, he and I have worked together for years, and I'd met his wife on multiple occasions. It's shocking as she was so young and healthy and fit, and heartbreaking to think of their four kids.

Its trite to say, but we really never do know how long anyone will be around. Take a moment tonight to let your loved ones know what they mean to you.

So close

I should have some bedroom pictures after this weekend. Electrical is done, save installing outlet covers. I cannot stress how happy the new lighting makes me. We've gone from two fixtures to six and the difference is amazing. Also nice is the fact that my switches are all faintly backlit, so they're a snap to find in the dark. The closet now has a fixture and a switch, so much nicer than the former bare bulb and pull chain.

Bill will be back Saturday morning to install the 81 feet of crown moulding I have painted on saw horses in the garage. Doors are here as well, 2 of the 3 to be installed Saturday. The door to the bathroom will wait pending some wall work in the bath itself. I'll prime and paint those once they're up.

I've got to find door hardware and Bill needs to finish the window seat. Speaking of the window seat, I found a firm, thick foam online that I can order to size and dacron-wrapped. And at Modern Fabrics I found what I believe is enough of a Donghia silk chenille (color Midnight) to do a self-welted cushion cover.

The second window quote was worse than the first so that search continues, and we've got to get a floor refinisher out to see if we can save the hardwood. Then Bill can install the base moulding. After that all that remains is to order the closet system (design your own at Easy Closets and they'll build and ship in something crazy like two days) and we can move in.

Update for HBD! The website where I found the foam is I'm going with the 5 inch Lux foam found under the Cushions section.

Alex update

He has a bladder infection, thus the peeing in the house. Easily fixed with a couple weeks of Clavamox. But he also has some crystals, which isn't good. That could mean kidney stones, which would then mean surgery. Dr. Brown couldn't feel any, but said that it's much like trying to feel a marble inside a water balloon. Al was very good for the exam, standing there looking at me like "what the hell?" as the doc pressed and prodded all over his undercarriage.

Dr. B asked what we feed (California Natural lamb and rice) and didn't seem to have any issues with it, but we need to lay off the treats. That of course would cause pandemonium as the boys get Three Dog Bakery's Itty Bitty Bones for everything they do. The suggested substitute is a baby carrot, which they seem to be happy with so far.

I've got to pick up vitamin C today for him. His urine is on the base end of the ph spectrum, so increasing the acidity should help curb the crystal formation. Recheck in two weeks, so keep a good thought for my boy.

Where else but here do you get remodeling photos and schnauzer urinalisis results. You're welcome.

Marking our territory

Sorry for the lack of posting, it's been a busy week, but there's much to report. It's finally starting to look like we're (slowly) making this place our own.

As you can see above, the magnolia has bloomed. Spectacular as it is, its far too big and overgrown, so I'm not in love. Brett however adores all trees, and has had a tree guy out to go over the yard. Dude wants to reduce the magnolia by about a third, and I'm willing to withhold final judgment until that happens.

As of yesterday Chez Malaise has 200 amp electrical service and breakers instead of fuses! Everything seems to have gone well even if there was a sizeable mess left. They'll be back tomorrow for the city inspection, and have promised to take away all the crap they left here Wednesday.

In other electrical news the rewire electrician will be back (I'll be pinning him down on this tomorrow) to reconnect the power to the bedroom and install the switches. The solitary ceiling light in the hallway was replaced with three recessed lights (with dimmers) and the difference is stunning. Not that anyone ever hangs out in the hall, but being able to see around you walking through has been a revelation.

During the break in the bedroom reno Brett and I got down to painting. The walls are the Sherwin Williams Front Porch (gray) from the last post. The ceiling is Sherwin Williams Fleur de Sel, an even paler gray that I'm dying to see with the crown moulding installed. Speaking of, the crown and new doors should begin going up on Monday. I've got to test some white paint and have about a million chips on the dining room table. So far I'm liking Sherwin Williams Snowbound best.

Saturday morning someone is coming to measure and quote windows (hopefully with a less ridiculous result), and I'm trying to see if I can get someone out to look at refinishing the floor at the same time.

Bill should finish up the window bench next week as well, and Saturday I'll fill him in on what I want him to do with moulding on the front.

So there's been lots of goodness going on. I'm dismayed to report that Alex schnauzer has also felt the need to begin marking territory as well. We're unsure what has caused the pissfest as he never peed in the condo, and until this week hasn't done it here. I'm not sure if it's all the workmen and noise, or being confined to a bedroom, or what. All I know is that free reign is over until we get this figured out.

Primed and ready

Phantom Drywaller, whos name is actually Steve, returned today and finished up while we ran out for breakfast and painting supplies. Once home I put some samples on the wall. The two in the center are Ben Moore's Revere Pewter (top) and Feather Gray (bottom).

Feather Gray, as hopefully your monitor shows, turned out to be really blue. Revere Pewter, a color I like a lot, is almost too taupe when I think that our floors will likely be stained a charcoal gray. So we ran to Sherwin Williams to look at their colors. I think their Cashmere paint is terrific by the way, we used it at the condo and the house before. The small strip on top and the big strip at the very bottom is SW's Front Porch.
We both liked it a lot, so I painted some on the wall over by the window to see what it does with more light. It feels like just a nice, clean gray that doesn't read overly warm or cold.

Alex says that it reminds him of the salt in his salt-and-pepper colored fur, so he likes it. (Jack napped throughout this process so he gets no input.)

You've probably noticed the floor. That's after the shop vac, upright vac, and damp mop. Ugh.

We've got half the room primed and I'm heading out for a new roller, we hope to have everything done by sundown.