Enjoy your weekend!

Here's hoping your parties are more fun.

Million Dollar Decorators: Another 30 second review

1. Ross, still digging, JAM, still annoying.

2. Nathan and Kathryn, adore even more.

3. Shannon Factor, GO HOME DRAGON LADY.

4. Favorite moment of the episode: Mary MacDonald to JAM on where to get a drink. "Yes, it happens right here. Or in my purse."

And New York makes six

I'm still holding out for a California wedding, but it's nice to have another option. To the New York legislature, thank you, honestly I didn't think you had it in you.

And to Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, The National Organization for Marriage, The Catholic League, and your supporters I will say this: Please stop. You are on the wrong side of history, and everyone sees it but you. Your fearmongering falls on increasingly deaf ears, and one day gay men and women will marry everywhere. Our families, though vastly different from yours, will be protected as yours are now. And you cannot stop it. Civilization will not crumble, and the institution of marriage will not be damaged as you insist it will, but strengthened through inclusion.

This isn't about you. It is, ultimately and singularly, about love.

Reduce, Reuse, Re-plate

Old Stiffel lamps come up often at auction. Lots of "antiqued" brass, even though the majority of them are only brass plated. You can usually pick them up cheap, and as these had nice shapes, I did. Not a pair, but definitely related, and a nice size.

One of them has a bit of corrosion, so when I took them to the guys at Acme Brass Plating we decided we'd start with the clean one first and see how it went. I picked it up over lunch today, I think it went well.

They had to cover the brass plating with copper first, then the nickel I wanted, but it polished up beautifully. I'm dropping the other off next week and hopefully they'll be able to make it work.

Million Dollar Decorators: The 30 Second Recap

1. I thought I would like JAM and that Ross would bug me, but its turned out to be the exact opposite.

2. Shoes and purses suck as decorative accessories, I don't care who splashed them with paint and signed them.

3. I adore Kathryn Ireland and Nathan.

4. Mary McDonald makes pretty rooms, which is all the more impressive seeing as she's crazy.

5. Shannon Factor may just be the SINGLE MOST AWFUL PERSON IN THE WORLD.


This rug is exactly the sort of thing we need. It's new (I think) so I doubt it'll show up at the outlet anytime soon. Speaking of, has anyone ever been to Stark's outlet?

Meet Lloyd

Oddly enough, of everything we've done with this house I think I'm happiest about my new bathroom sink. (The Lloyd pedestal by Toto)

I've got to clean the floor, get switch plates and outlet covers on, and wash the new gray towels we got to replace our khaki colored ones. The last piece is having the glass guys out to measure for the shower enclosure. Oh, and I may need something new for our toothbrushes.

It's just so much more pleasant to brush my teeth or wash my hands here rather than a tattered blue or purple sink with wonky old faucets that spray in odd directions.

I'm no Jenny, but...

Every once-in-a-while I do run across something suprisingly good on Craigslist. Like this cocktail table, which is 42 inches square. The ask is 50 bucks.

The burl veneer on the top has some damage that would need to be filled and sanded, but that doesn't bother me or my paintbrush one bit. The question is what color.

The room is pretty much grayscale, some oranges and blues to keep things from being too sleepy. What do you think?

***UPDATE*** Bought it. The seller was lovely, she said she's had it for about 30 years. It's heavy and solid, but the top is shot. Its going to need some serious work. OR, a new stone top. Wheels turning...

Night and day

Remember my family room? The overgrown, totally beat cabinetry opposite the fireplace and the worn parquet that was coming up in places, oh and the nasty dark paneling.

Well, the single door (with the storm door that wouldn't stay closed) and the cloudy, drafty picture window are gone. The replacement is a smaller window with sliders, then a 5 foot french door.

Yesterday the electrician rewired, then today the last of the drywall went up. Tomorrow and Tuesday is mud and tape inside while Bill replaces the trim and shingles outside.

So, after the floors are finished and the trim goes up and some interior doors are replaced the whole middle third of the house will be ready to decorate. I've got that sideboard to paint and a couple of chinese lattice pieces to do a little finish on and back with mirror for starters. Can. Not. Wait.

Finely marbled

As usual my camera can't deal with anything white, but here's a little progress shot on the bathroom. Bill's been here all week and only today got to start grouting.

He'll finish up the walls tomorrow and switch to black grout for the floors, which I didn't shoot as they're currently covered with paper.

I also noticed taking these that while the bathroom is oversized for what it is, it's also small when you try to take a picture. Hopefully when fixtures are in (can't wait for cute Matt the plumber to be back!) and ladders and tools are out I can get a shot that looks right to me.

There's also a bit of painting to finish up, and of course the window to be replaced (that's absolutely next on the list), but then my mornings should start here rather than the scary pink tub/shower we're beginning our days in now.

A warm weather public service

Summer has reached the midwest as the temperature has hit the mid 90's both yesterday and today. Here at Chez Malaise that means gin season!

I recently discovered the Simply line of juices and drinks. All natural and delicious I thought they'd make super summer cocktails, and they do.

Today's riff on the classic G-N-T is:
-1 part Bombay Sapphire (life is way too short to drink bad gin)
-1 part tonic (Brett buys diet and it seems just fine)
-3 parts Simply Limeade

Stir and garnish with a lime wedge. I forgot to buy a lime so my drink is naked, but still tasty.

I occasionally buy a Simply Lemonade at lunch and it too is delicious. I'm thinking next weekend we'll try that with plain old vodka or Absolut Citron and a splash of Sprite or some other bubbly mixer.

Bill is here tiling (photos later!) and I've got a pleasant buzz while I tidy up the kitchen. Yay weekends!