MidMal Reviews: Infiniti M37x

Brett's car was starting to feel it's 73,000 miles, so last Saturday we were off to the Infiniti dealer to look for a replacement.

I liked his old M just fine, but the new ones are even better.  And he got silver with a black interior, the same as my LR3 and one of my favorite color combos.

The exterior is a bit beefier than his previous one, which was a bit more sleek, but they're still handsome.

The interiors however, are amazing.  I think Infiniti makes the most attractive interiors in production anywhere.  And then they fill them with the most ridiculous and wonderful options.  I should also mention here that while we were out we hit the Audi dealership, and while I think their body styles are really attractive, I was totally underwhelmed by the interiors.  They really did remind me of the Volkswagens of my youth.

Back to the M, first there's the 9 mg hard drive for downloading your music.  Or you can stream it via bluetooth from your phone.  FM and Satellite of course as well.  They also take your phone and download your phone book into the car so you can call anyone.  And of course dialing is done by voice command.

Then there's the "Cabin Odor Sensor" which detects bad smells and works to clear them.  Or as we're calling it, The Fart Filter.

There's also the Forest Air system which filters the air coming into the car.  The breeze function randomly alternates between vents so that you get differing senses of air movement.  It sounds ridiculous and the salesman said he wasn't a fan, but I think its very pleasant.

The first two shots are from the Infiniti USA website, while the last one is my phone shot from Monday night when we went out for dinner.  The White Ash wood trim has silver dust rubbed into the grain before the lacquer is applied, and is just as pretty as it sounds.

Seating is firm and adjustable, as well as heated and cooled.  The steering wheel temperature is regulated to a constant 68 degrees.  And the engine is peppy.  Not quite as peppy as the G, but not sluggish at all. Responsive and totally fun to drive.

All in all, I'm a huge fan.

Foo Fighter

I was having a conversation with Raina about new fall offerings at Target (some of which are terrific btw, I was there today), and I said that for things I don't expect to own forever I love some of their stuff.  

Conversely, every so often I'll spend a little more on something if I think its a thing I'll want for a long time.  And that made me realize I hadn't posted about an auction a few weeks ago.

Brett rarely goes to a sale with me.  Consignment auctions can last forever and there's usually tons of things we don't want to own.  But a good catalog sale?  They're usually shorter and he can follow along.  Rick Pence had one a while back at the expo center by the airport, and Brett went with.

After 300 lots of Victorian silver and Staffordshire figurines at a brisk 120 lots per hour, during which Brett read a book on his phone while I took frequent smoke breaks, we finally got to the Asian goodness.

We picked up a woodblock print which I'll post about soon, and I let go of one that I really should have bought.  I also picked up a pair of stone chops and Brett got a killer deal on a landscape etching for his office.

But the winner for the day is the foo dog head pictured above with Brett's foot.  It cost me 100 bucks which in some ways seems like a lot.  Then again we'd hoped to buy a rug and one couple pretty much bought them all, spending well over ten thousand in the process.  So dropping a Franklin on some antique celedon coolness doesn't seem so bad.  Its absolutely the favorite thing I've bought in ages, and I'm sure its with us for good.

By the way, the Chinese want their stuff back, and they've got the cash to make it happen.  Carved jade figures and buckles were selling for thousands apiece, and the final lot, a carved black and white jade brooch, went for TWELVE GRAND.  I was telling Cindy at Kincaid's about it and like me she thought it's likely all being shipped back overseas.

Jack Lenor Larsen

Elle Decor has taken a bit of a beating in the blogosphere, but the October issue is full of things I've enjoyed, especially a short interview with textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen.

The head of the Textile Design department at KU back when I was in school mentioned being friends with him, and shortly after I picked up a book on his designs.  I wish I could have been a weaver but the intricacy and math meant I was destined to become a printer.

The photo above is Larsen's Primavera, a 1964 design still in production today.  Just looking at it makes me happy.

Shopping Season: A Public Service Reminder from the management of MidMal

Before you know it we'll all be out buying holiday gifts and items to spruce up our places for entertaining season.  DO NOT leave things visible in your vehicle.

Yep, my reminder came the hard way.

Before we opened for business at Bottoms Up this past Saturday I hit a terrific estate sale.  Vintage barware, Japanese lacquer bowls and trays, miscellaneous kitchen coolness and an armload of sweet, sweet vintage ladies clothing that I picked up for my business partners.

Big crowds all over the neighborhood and people coming and going made no difference.  I got to my car just after 5pm to find my back passenger window smashed out, all my stuff gone (including my bowling bag, ball and shoes oddly enough) and a cop waiting to take a report.

The owner of the market was hit as well, so we were two of the 14 cars broken into in the afternoon crime spree.

It never occurred to me that someone would break into a car for 70s dresses and some Santa Claus highball glasses, much less old bowling equipment.  Obviously I was wrong.

So remember to keep it with you or secure your stuff out of sight.

And should you want to visit us at the monthly market but have reservations, never fear.  The email I received today noted that the parking areas will have attendants going forward.  And those of us who sell are always glad to hold onto your purchases until you're through shopping, all you have to do is ask.

If I were king (sized) redux

Who knew it would be so incredibly difficult to find attractive, durable, masculine bedding?  If I wanted pastel colors, florals, dog-unfriendly fabrics or trendy patterns I could have been done in an evening. Something handsome and high quality turned out to take a bit longer.

Since Pottery Barn elected not to have the ikat quilt in-store for me to look at I went another route.

The winner was Resto's diamond-quilted linen.  Shown here in Fog, I actually went with Indigo for the quilt and king shams.  Yes, king shams, just like I was looking for.  A little bit of color and texture in place of a lot of pattern, and should look good with any number of sheet colors.  I might actually do a pair of euro pillows in the Fog depending on how it looks with the headboard fabric.

As pricey as it was (even though we got it on sale) I have to say, its nice stuff.  I've often found bedding to be a bit stingy in the sizing department, but not here.  The king quilt nearly hits the floor on three sides, probably because they're hoping you'll use it on one of their mammoth bed frames.  The stitching seems good, the weight is nice, and will hopefully keep me warm while not killing Brett, who tends to get hot.

I'll figure out a bedskirt after the headboard comes back from the upholstery shop.