Rover, over

Long time readers (if I haven't been stricken from your blogroll for inactivity) will remember this joyous post from March 2009, where I rid myself of a ten year old car for the LR3 of my dreams.

I loved the Rover, but by 82,000 miles it was suffering from a bit of deferred maintenance.  The lifter and brakes alone were likely to set me back nearly three grand, and last week the heater started blowing cold, so we could add a thermostat to the list.

I'd been searching for a replacement for a month or so.  LR4, 2010 or newer, silver or white, black interior, low miles.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so much.

The local dealer had the perfect one, certified used, but they weren't flexible enough on the price.  The dealer in Michigan had the right color and price, but it was a base model missing the Bluetooth that I really do use.  Landrover of Larchmont (NY) couldn't return phone calls, and the dealer in Wisconsin was advertising the silver 2010 as certified used, but telling me it wasn't.

Finally I found the one in Connecticut.  White, black interior, all options and the right price.  

Before I made my offer I had to check out a few things locally.  I went to the Volvo dealer just to look at the charcoal gray XC90 so I could cross it off my list.  Except that it had low mileage, and was in great shape, and the certified warranty (with no deductible) goes through December 2016.  And it takes regular rather than premium, and uses far less of it.  And of course it doesn't have to be shipped halfway across the country.  Damn it.

In the end I couldn't argue with the numbers.  I fully intended to buy another Land Rover, but I'm driving the Volvo now.  And while it's not what I planned on, it's pretty darn sweet.