Introducing Tucker

And once again, we are four.
This is Tucker, who's name we just finally decided on. He's an 11 week old schnauzer who ended up at a rescue down by Sedalia, most likely because he's very brown, rather than the black or salt-and-pepper he should be.

I'm sorry there aren't better pictures to show you, but there hasn't been much standing still. Alex seems more than happy to have a baby to play with, and the baby has no backdown what so ever.

So far we've not had any accidents in the house. (Whoops, make that one accident in the house - pay attention dad!) I wasn't sure I believed the rescue lady, but he really does seem to know outside is where he's supposed to go. He also slept through the night pretty well, although he did wake up way early.

Alex has been a total sweetheart, dealing with the near constant assault of needle teeth and playing tug as required.

Cross your fingers that the peaceful transition continues!

More contenders

Look what I found at Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams. The Clifton sofa. Only 36 inches deep, and while very different from that Henredon leather I loved, there's a lot to like here. I'm digging the wood base and slender arms. Also, I've always wanted a couch with a single seat cushion. This picture is the 97" length, but we'd do the 85. What's better, the 85 has two back cushions rather than three, which I think is cleaner. I'm hoping MG/BW has some decent fabric choices because its upholstered all the way around. COM is 17 yards, and you know there's no ceiling on what you can spend on fabric.
There's a Clifton chair as well, and its just as good looking, but I worry about everything being square. Remember this stuff will be sitting in front of a long, rectangular Chinese cabinet and a big black rectangular TV. If we wanted to throw in some curves, the Winslow chair could work. They're 32 inches wide, and we'd likely want a pair (perpendicular to the sofa). They're 36" deep which seems like a lot, but they'll sit on the long axis of the room so it might be okay. I'll have to make templates to be sure we have room. COM on this is 7 yards, not so bad.
And finally the one thing we've both agreed on and decided would be perfect across from the chairs and in front of the fireplace, American Leather's Rex bench. We'll buy it just like its shown here, in white leather. Modern, but with a little mid-century feel too. I love the buttonless tufting, and most importantly it provides some extra seating and doesn't block the view of the fireplace.
The only bad news so far is that the asian-legged cocktail table I bought to refinish isn't going to work in here. I think it would look fantastic, but the 42" square size is just too big. It's not really bad news though. On the other side of the media wall is a whole other room (living room) waiting to be furnished as well. That table would also be fantastic between a pair of loveseats or apartment sized sofas, floating in front of the big front window.

Enjoy your weekend

Remember, hoarding is bad.

Million Dollar Decorators: With a wimper

Well, that was anti-climactic wasn't it. It doesn't even feel like enough for my 30 second recap, but since Raina was kind enough to point you here...

1. Kathryn, I'd spend the rest of my life getting Dragon Lady Factor to pay her bill.

2. Martyn, Happy MLB Day! I hope you get a free shot and a brisk reach-around at The Abbey!

3. Nathan, I'm glad your arm surgery went well. I learned about that from Twitter rather than the show. Because there was more of you on Twitter than on the show.

4. Mary, I liked your tent. I still think you're nuts, but I liked your tent. Oh, and a number of your lamps.

5. JAM: Congratulations on the Hungry Cat install. Or rather, please congratulate Ross and all the Bravo production assistants on the Hungry Cat install. So much stress and strife. Please know that after all that exhausting work I love your master bath and dressing room.

See you next season!

Today on Gilt

Amy Howard Cayman ottomans, 25 inch diameter by 20 tall. Industrial mesh, casters, and a little velvet on top. $1340 for a pair.

Beautiful monster

Do upholstery shops build custom sofas? I'm assuming they do if they're of sufficient size, I can't think who else would do it. Never having ordered one built before I don't know.

I'm planning the family room again and digging the Henredon leather sofa above. The problem is that its 44 inches deep and my room is only 13 feet wide. I've been dragging around a tape measure and I'm not convinced I can't make it work, it would just be so much easier if it had a smaller footprint.

Bargain Alert: Target

I hate Target. I went for a toilet bruth and ended up spending 46 bucks.

When we finally do get to decorate around here I'm looking forward to having some plants, so when I walked through the Garden section and saw clearance signs I had to detour down the aisles.

Won't this glossy white fiberglass planter be good? Maybe on the gray chinese cabinet under the tv, filled with ferns. (or perhaps Bonzai?!) Its 18 by 8 by 9 inches tall. Best of all, it was marked down from $35 to $17. It has a plug so you can have drainage or not. And if white won't work for you a light sanding and some spray paint could fix you right up.

You know how stuff at the Target gets beat up so check for chips and cracks if you go. And if you're going to go, go quick, markdowns seem to disappear quickly there as well.

Take me out to the ball game

Brett and his law partner Rachel recently welcomed a new partner to the firm. Last night, to celebrate his joining them, and to thank a number of folks who've referred business or otherwise helped them out, they hosted all of us in a suite at the Community America park to watch the Kansas City T Bones play the Wichita Wingnuts.

Here's my friend Carol and her daughter Charlotte, along with me and my cocktail.

I've forgotten how much fun these games are. And they had fireworks after.

I've said it before, if you have a Northern League team in your area, go.

Please take out your text book and turn to page 126

I like to look at things. Furnishings, and rooms. Its why I read the blogs I read, and kind of a reason why I write. Its visual vocabulary building for the most part. I see a rug I like here, or a light fixture there. I'll see a room and think it looks comfortable, or has nice light, or something else. Rarely though do I see a room, or a suite of rooms, and think "that's exactly what I'd have if there were no constraints."

The July/August Elle Decor came yesterday. Lots of pretty. Courtney Cox's new place in Malibu, for example. Also a nice remodel in Nantucket. And then I hit page 126, a pair of apartments, gutted and combined by Steven Gambrel.

I won't even list everything I like about this home because I can't count every single thing and color and idea found in each photo. But that's what I like about it. Every single thing.

I know a lot of people save their magazines as reference material. I never have, but I'm keeping this one because this one residence really does represent everything I'd ever want or need.