Protest Virgin No More

I'd never protested anything before today, but Kansas City joined cities across the country in protesting California's recent passage of Proposition 8, which removed our newly-minted right to marry in the Golden State. Held on the edge of the Country Club Plaza, we got there early and headed over to Restoration Hardware to buy new drapery hardware for our bedroom. So gay! But they were having 20% off the entire store, and our current curtain rod sucks. Here's some recap photos in no particular order:

Before and after the speakers (who we couldn't really hear because their PA system was small) everyone lined up along 47th street and cheered the cars that honked as they passed. The event organizers said that we needed to keep the sidewalks clear and people gladly complied.
When we got there the crowd was just assembling, and as always, some of Fred Phelps' family were across the street with their fag signs. Not sure why, but they didn't stay much past the start of the rally. They'll never realize how much their brand of crazy has helped our cause. Just think if they'd focused all these years on something positive, who knows what they might have accomplished.

After the speakers finished we went back to the street, and the crowd was big enough at that point that some crossed to line the other side. So much honking and waving. Only one thumbs-down that I saw from the female passenger half of an old couple in a big F-350.
The crowd assembling by the JC Nichols fountain (which is my favorite in a city full of fountains).

One of the speakers, I'm afraid I don't know who he is. Obviously I need to get out more or something.

My favorite sign of the day, because sometimes, even the most noble of causes benefits from a sense of humor.

My other favorite sign.

So there you go, a great day for a great cause, in spite of the cold. Way to go Kansas City, I'm totally proud of all of us!


Anonymous said...

I love the signs! Can I nab the poly-blend and post on my blog?
Ours was a small turnout probably because of the cold and because Minneapolis was holding a rally too and they always get the crowds.

David said...

Right-click away Jen, it's all yours!

Decorno said...

I want an "I'm Fagtastic" t-shirt.

Anonymous said...

I honked and waved!

I could definitely rock a I'M A PISSED STRAIGHT PERSON! T-shift (mentioned over at Decorono (which is where I found you).

hello gorgeous said...

I love the Poly-Blend sign! Did you see the sign on If The Lampshade Fits? "Don't Tell Me I Can't Register at Barney's."

She's on my blogroll.


Unknown said...

awesome, just awesome!