Celebrity Blogrolls

How do you know when your blog is attracting serious attention? When Elle Decor wants to know what you're tired of.

Congratulations to Mrs. Blandings, Decorno, and ArchitectDesign! Here's wishing you all a less styled, less icon-laden, and taxidermy free new year!


Mrs. Blandings said...

David - thanks for noticing. I'm clearly the only one without my issue. My 30 seconds will be gone before it hits my mailbox.

Karena said...

My issue hasn't arrived yet, can't wait!It is great to have Patricia right here in Kansas City.

Decs said...

I don't have it yet, either! I can't wait to read the other bloggers comment.

Anonymous said...

LOVED your rant on Decorno about what we're over. I'm adding your blog to my blogroll immediately!
Best wishes from Toronto.