Coming attractions

Alright, it's time for some before shots! The platter above I picked up at the auction last week. As you can see, it's covered with darkened scratches ("utensil marks" as they say on eBay, because it sounds less like a flaw) and a bit of brown staining. The back, which I did not take time to shoot, is almost entirely covered with brown stains. Connie, always my buddy, has learned from Laveigh how to make that all go away. She took it home to work her magic, and when I have an after shot to go with, we'll revisit.
Sales continue to be good at my mall so I'm trying to get some things ready to go should they call to tell me I've got an empty spot. I've had this little secretary sitting around since late last summer, and just wasn't sure what I wanted to do. That blue chest of drawers was apparently a big hit, so you won't be surprised that I'm doing something with that color again.

I got started this weekend first by filling the split in the drop front, and then scrubbing the whole thing down with a cleaner and deglosser. Those cubbies were going to be impossible to sand properly even after I removed the back panel, so I've tried a new paint additive called Extra Bond. It's made to mix into milk paint for use on previously finished surfaces.

When I went back to the workshop this morning, before even taking off my jacket, I ran over and scraped a fingernail over a painted corner. And my basecoat stuck! I'm really excited because not only will this save me major time on things that I can't easily sand, but it increases my confidence in the longevity of the finish.
I've always said that I don't expect people to keep my furniture forever (bully for me if they do), but that doesn't mean I don't care about the quality of the job. This isn't fine furniture and I price it accordingly, but I'd like to be sure when people stop using something they bought from me it's because their taste has changed and not because it hasn't held up
I hope to spend a bit of time working on the piece this week, so when it's all done I'll take a few more shots and walk you through my process.


hello gorgeous said...

Good "befores." I look forward to the "afters."

Karena said...

Secret to removing those pesky utensil scratches. please?!

Toad said...

I want that secretary!

David said...

You think you want it now Toad, just wait =)

It's a really nice size (not so big) and remarkably solid. The tag in the drawer said it was a "Cushman Colonial Creation" and there was also a tag from Emery Bird Thayer.

When I took the back panel off it's all solid wood. I'm always surprised at how often even what we think of as "good" furniture has engineered wood hidden in it.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the scratches and brown stains disappear. Bottle the secret and you'll be rich!
Speaking of rich, how's the house hunt coming along?

ChrisToronto said...

David, PLEASE reveal the secret--I just bought some really nice tea cups at a church sale and one of them is NASTY! Thanks.