Economic recovery

Are you feeling better about the economy since the inauguration?

Some folks apparently are, the blue chest in the post below hit the floor Thursday, and they called me early this afternoon to let me know it sold, leaving a big hole in my space. It was a fun piece and I'm not really surprised that it sold, I am surprised that it sold so quickly. Brett thinks I price too cheaply. I say I'm there to sell, not to exhibit.

When I went to rearrange today another dealer was working in her space near mine. I asked if her sales were up or if she had any idea why my furniture seems to be flying out of there. She thinks that people get their trees and holiday decoration down and end up with some empty spots. I mentioned it to a friend tonight and he thinks that people still want to do things around the house, they're just spending less and getting creative in where they shop. Both sound plausible to me.

I did notice one thing, and for some reason it bugs me. Another dealer bought the cool industrial table, and is using it in their space. They've tagged it not for sale at this time, and I've made my money on it, but it still bothers me. I've seen a couple of my things in other antique malls, and while I don't understand dealers paying retail, I guess it's their call. On the other hand, buying something and just moving it downstairs seems somehow wrong.

Net result, I'm behind the curve on painting yet again. I've got a few small pieces in various beginning stages, and a huge china cabinet that's going to take a while to finish because of what I'm planning to do. I guess the next piece to work on is this sad, small secretary I've had sitting around waiting for inspiration. (HG, I'll try to remember to take some before shots, sometimes the transformation really is amazing.)

So back to the original question. How are you feeling about things? The news still seems pretty grim to me. But not so grim that I couldn't treat myself to a new pair of Mark Nason boots. (yay Bluefly!)


Raina Cox said...

I'll feel better when LB has a job offer and we know where we're headed. He has applications in at universities (he's a professor) all over the States.

I don't want extra junk to ship across the planet in July. And I can't buy clothes because I don't know if we're going to end up in the Southwest or Northeast or California.

So our bank account is growing, but not for lack of trying.

hello gorgeous said...

I haven't really been spending money except I did go to Shore Haus and ended up with a couple of urn thingys. I've been at home doing projects which gets things done and is cheaper than shopping.

I feel somewhat better about the economy until I talk to my husband. He is the economic grim reaper.

And we have one kid graduating college this year and neither she nor her bf can get jobs. Or any of their friends. So that's great news.

But other than that, it's a beautiful day and the next month is March and here you can start growing things, so there's that...

David said...

Raina, just think of the shopping you can do when you finally land. The entire country is on sale, you'll have a blast!

HG, you can start growing in March? I've got to look at a map, I always think of DE as northern, you must be more south than I think. Another point for DE on the Places to Retire to scorecard.

Karena said...

I am not seeing a huge comeback and have at times considered reducing the prices of some of my art. I so have two works of mine on exhibit at the Buttonwood Art Space Fiday eve if you can make it David!

Karena said...

Oops, I meant to say it is a group show and I think you would enjoy the reception Friday!

Anonymous said...

David, I think Brett may be right--if other dealers are willing to pay retail for your wares, you're pricing them too cheaply. Jack them up baby, you've got an eye!

Karena said...

I think it is a fine line, to not price too low, so that buyers and collectors will truly value your
work. Then again, to not price yourself out of the market!

hello gorgeous said...

Yes, David. It's your perfect retirement place: no sales tax, low property taxes, great restaurants and close to everything (NYC, Baltimore, DC). Last year I planted pansies in March and they lasted until I put summer plants in. It's so awesome.

Being from the Midwest myself (and much further north) I was used to not planting anything until after Mother's Day and usually Memorial Day.

It is further south than you realize here. Plus it has the benefit of the Delaware Bay and being on the coast (although Nor'easters are doozies). In fact, we just got our first real snow (a couple of inches). But it'll probably be 50 in a day or two and melt off.

Anonymous said...

It is better to save money and not to start a new investment in the present criteria. I hope you need to wait for some time for the things to get better.