Blue mood

I don't know what's going on over at the mall, but my stuff has been selling left and right. Remember the green chinese chippendale table I posted about? I loved that piece and was sure it would go quick. It sat around way longer than I thought it would, but someone bought it last week. And then some ironstone, a floral pitcher that frankly I can't remember, and the little fat industrial table that I named the dirtiest piece of furniture I've ever bought. I wasn't surprised the table sold within a week. Heavy and chunky with my paint job on the legs and some old paint traces on top, it was very cool, and one of the rare pieces that I wonder how it will be used.

So with space to fill I got going on the chest of drawers above. It's a heavy old maple chest I picked up at an estate sale for five bucks. I've moved it twice but never got excited enough to do anything to it. I love how old maple sands down easily, so with that done I mixed up a pale green latex for the base coat. Painting the case and drawer fronts went quickly, so I went ahead and painted the drawer interiors as well. Sometimes old drawers kind of creep me out enough to not want to put anything in them, and some fresh paint solves that.

I've been doing a lot of lighter colors lately, tans and greens and grays, so for a change I went with General Finishes milkpaint in Federal Blue for the topcoat. A little sanding to rough it up seemed to make the color even more cobalty, so when it was all done I glazed it with some brown and it toned down nicely. Clearcoat on top, some antiqued iron knobs, and it's good to go.

The old plate pitchers came from a five dollar box lot at the auction. They're all pretty beat up but they polished up alright and I like the look. The white Haeger panther had been sitting around the workshop so I took him over as well.

Unloading this afternoon another dealer saw the chest and said "we had a customer in the other day who was looking for a blue chest." I hope they stop back in soon.


Raina Cox said...

Beautiful work, David!

designerman said...

lovely shade of blue.

and i think you would make caleb blush!! ;)

Karena said...

Great job David, and so glad you are selling!

hello gorgeous said...

Yessiree, that is an amazing transformation. Even though I only saw the "after." You know how we love the befores and afters. Maybe next time.

Decorina said...

I'm in search of the GF milkpaint today - no luck so far.

I think my booth will close on March 1st. Nothing really selling for me - and I desperately could use more furniture. I have off loaded a good bit of the "stuff" that I've been dragging around for years, though. Surprised that the barkcloth doesn't sell.