Junk in my trunk

There are fewer auctions in the winter months, so it follows that the crowds get bigger. Tonight was the regular Tuesday night consignment auction at Kansas City Auction Company and it seemed more crowded than ever. Jason, the auctioneer and owner, thinks last auction's crowd was bigger but I'm not convinced.

There were a few good things, but nothing I was dying to buy, either for the mall or myself, but my friends Connie and Linda were there with Connie's friend Laveigh, so I stayed. Winning bids were higher with the larger crowd, so it was a full couple of hours before I even bought anything.

Laveigh is teaching Connie to repair porcelain and pottery and she's interesting to talk to. She showed me pictures of a recent project that were truly amazing. It was a clock in a hand painted Dresden porcelain mount that had literally been smashed and put back together with elmers glue and tape. She had shots of each stage in the process and after she was done there wasn't so much as a chip or a paint flake. Connie keeps me posted on what she's learning so I knew that Laveigh was good, but seeing the progression in pictures gives me a whole new respect.

The girls had pretty much bought what they wanted and headed out early, as did much of the crowd. The prices dropped a bit, and I managed to pick up a few pieces that will be good to paint. I paid probably twice what I would have with less competition, but there's still plenty of room for profit. I did get a killer deal on a wall-mount plate rack and some vintage luggage, as well as one lone wood chair that I'll paint for us to use in our office/den here at home. A couple framed classical prints and some unmatted Audubons rounded out my haul.

I've taken the next couple days off from the day job to spend at the workshop, in hopes I can keep furniture moving at the mall. I've set my camera out where I'll remember it, so I should have project shots to share very soon.


Karena said...

David, I really want to attend an auction here in KC sometime. What is your day job by the way!?

David said...

Hi Karen. Check out the website, there's always a listing of upcoming sales.

At my day job I'm the licensing coordinator for a commercial insurance brokerage down on the Plaza.

soodie :: said...

David, what do you think is up with all this auction attending??? The news, newspapers, magazines, etc. all say spending is down, but I've noticed recently some items on eBay going for higher than normal. Strange items like dinnerware and silver -- areas that have plummeted in the past several years. I'm so glad to hear your creations are moving at the mall. That is very exciting. You must tell me where in the mall so I can come by and browse!