Balls out

I took this shot from Jenny, who got it here. And knowing my history with balls, you know I think its fab. Other happenings:

My office adopted families again this Christmas, and once again Brett and I were to buy for a seven year old boy. I forgot to take pictures of his haul before I wrapped, but there were boot cut jeans, cargos, shirts and half-zip sweaters, and most exciting, a soccer ball and goal, and the radio controlled helicopter that were on his wish list. The helicopter has a missile launcher. I hope that if he tries to shoot his older sisters that he doesn't injure them.

Prada the Christmas Schnauzer will be joining us again for the holiday, staying from December 20th through January 3rd. She is practically svelte since moving out of the high rise, I'll try to showcase her new figure with a photo comparison.

And finally its cold. Freakishly cold. Low tire pressure and going out to buy Alex a little jacket cold. We had an energy audit and the guy is coming back with the results tomorrow evening. I'm WAY looking forward to finding out what we need to do to make the bedroom feel less like its outside.


Kathleen said...

That's going to be one very happy seven year old boy.

Raina Cox said...

What Kathleen said.

Also, it's supposed to be 65 in Denver today. Buzz on over and we'll go shopping.

home before dark said...

Once again David so impressed with the way you and Brett respond to this Christmas tradition. A missile launcher, huh? He will love that! So looking forward to Prada's fashion parade!

Raina's weather report depresses the hell out of me here in Lawrence, where like you winter has done a slam dunk (which by the way, so looking forward to Saturday's newest Jayhawk debut!).

shannon said...

Merry Christmas. You make my heart sing.

Anonymous said...

What a generous gift to that boy! We're doing the same thing this year although I'm not sure we'll be able to top the launcher :-)

ChrisToronto said...

When Punch and Judy passed I donated all their winter wear, grooming tools, etc, to a local dog rescue. Wish I'd known you needed a coat for Alex, mine were fleece lined and exactly the right size for a schnauzer. Alas.
Enjoy Prada, I'm sure Alex will like having the company again.
Happy holidays to you and Brett!